Extend training to aid push team of procuratorate of action remote town to build
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Glue east online net on May 13 dispatch (reporter well-off Wang Ping) a few days ago, enrol policemen of collectivity of remote town procuratorate to extend what base had by a definite date two days to extend training, extending training this is a when the procuratorate strengthens team of politics and law to build new move, new trial. This one act of the procuratorate aims to pass training, the channel that widens policemen team is built, strengthen innovation consciousness of the policemen and group spirit, establish understanding, trust, communicate, good relationship of collaboration, establish collective and honorary move, make team of harmonious politics and law. Extend training through this, general report harvested policemens a lot of things.

Fostered the group spirit of policemens. Strong group drive has decision effect to the success or failure of the career. Complete courtyard policemen cuts the body to meet an individual the position in the organization and assumed responsibility, whatever thing wants to gain a success, must build good communication way, enhanced the cohesive affinity of the team, established collective and honorary move.

Make policemens feel the importance of understanding, accredit, collaboration. Do an any works, must understand each other, accredit, support. Only such, team talent is closer, more solidarity, have fighting capacity more. Through increasing the difficulty of mobile project, make the affinity of alternate with of student each other and degree of belief adequately. Experience goes to policemens to trust only, the society just has energy, enterprise talent is successful.

Harden oneself the volition of policemens, developed the drive that faces difficult challenge ego. Carry this activity, raised policemens to bear pressure, decompose pressure, adjust the ability of pressure. Make policemens realize, face difficulty only, challenge ego, mining potential, enterprise talent is successful.

Make policemens break through thinking formulary, developed innovation drive. The spirit that policemens raised acute meaning to innovate through training, manner that seeks true deal with concrete matters relating to work and the courage that overcome difficulty in the job, raised policemens to discover problem, analysis problem and the ability that solve a problem.

Raised policemens to lead force and administrative technical ability. Carry this second activity, policemens are experienced deeply and understanding leader and carry out, the differentiate card of organization and individual concerns, do everything to want in a planned way, careful organization, the organization that improved an organization coordinates ability, make policemens are in face all sorts of challenges can more easy, orderly.

Promoted the thought of policemens adequately understanding. After extending training activity to end, the understanding of policemens was united, thought state got raising of things to a higher level. Everybody thinks generally: A extending training is construction of new period team new, beneficial carrier, increased the integral quality of the team and fighting capacity further, aggrandizement service consciousness, sturdy good faith.
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