"This groups small can not need brandish sledge "
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Life daily on Feburary 14 dispatch (reporter Gao Junfeng) the gold of modern industry " blue collar " it is what kind of work environment after all, they are " bird's nest " , " is water cubic " how does production come out the high grade product that waits for Olympic Games place to carry again? This morning, the reporter walks into aid steel plate factory heats workshop, have an experience personally.
Obtain result of worker of good achievement youth to cannot be done not have
"We are families, invite the reporter into plant area, want to do real thing for our youth worker namely. " Gu Yufen of secretary of Party committee of steel plate factory is bringing benefit before the reporter walks into a workshop, introduced culture of this plant company to the reporter above all in " family " thought and factory Party committee are right the care that young worker lives.
"We are to go up the new plant that 90 time later period establishs the century, the first-class staff that transfers from whole group comprised us such families, family the joint efforts makes yard used very short time to grow for home the first. " Gu Yufen tells a reporter, the average age of all workers is less than this factory 30 years old, in thick board factory obtains good result, young worker result cannot be done not have, because this enterprise lives those who care young worker all the time,the problem regards as the serious content of company culture.
"Just allocated the undergraduate that come to take a plant last year, we organized illicit home motorcade to help new fellow worker, listen to them to say later, the youth that divides other plant special to them envy. Here I want to say to young girls: We can become good family member for young worker, the boy that chooses us is right. " Gu Yufen says.
Boys are good appearance
Undertake evaluating to the spiritual outlook of aid steel youth, aid steel group is round appoint vice secretary Huang Zhenhui perhaps is a the most convincing. "Boys are not income low, also not be conditional difference, because,some are really dedicated at the career male perhaps much more female little working environment is restricted affected individual major issue. Because,some are really dedicated at the career male perhaps much more female little working environment is restricted affected individual major issue..
Huang Zhenhui is young to him group the worker's spiritual outlook is profuse in praise, "Once group organization member arrives outdoors undertake extending training, that expression makes the staff member of Education Foundation amazed, the staff member of base says, recieved so much business to extend training team, our impression giving a person is the deepest, quality is the most outstanding.
Modern steel ironworks can not need brandish sledge
The treatment production of armor plate needs a staff member to be between the operation only in decide through showing screen and clavier can be done, if do not walk into a workshop,have an intuitionistic knowledge really hard still to such treatment flow. In in thick board factory heats workshop, responsible " steel of pass in and out " the pull current Cheng that the young worker Xiaowang of post explained high grade armor plate to the reporter.
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