The brigade of bicycle volunteer is started
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According to sponsorring square introduction, this second the bicycle rides an activity to will last two months time, the town that enter besides Beijing, still include island of emperor of Shanghai, Tianjin, the Qin Dynasty, Shenyang, Qingdao city of 5 Olympic Gameses. Outside dividing Beijing, 5 cities will be passed sign up, choose and groom wait for mobile level, choose caballero meticulously and establish to be comprised by 10 average citizens " caballero of unconscious ox green is round " , represent oneself city, with Beijing the group goes " vanward caballero " together, set out to drive northerly capital all the way from place, triumphantly join forces finally at Beijing is in by May.

At present the caballero of Beijing area signs up, choose and groom the activity has taken the lead in beginning, begin to come from March 20 on May 2, on the base that Beijing will pick in the sea, enter with N 20, 20 into the means of 10, produce 10 finally " vanward caballero " . They hurry off to branch group other city of 5 Olympic Gameses. Each city has begun to face socialization large-scale open sea chooses caballero. The caballero that be seleted will be comprised " battalion of caballero spy example " , extend training to organize collaboration to develop an activity by mobile organizing committee and club of each district bicycle and major, before 20 caballero that are seleted to pitch on of every city sea undertake strict and professional groom. Through ultimate test, achievement platoon is advanced 10 caballero, will go with Beijing clique " vanward caballero " approach northerly capital together.

Broadcasting station of Beijing people broadcast and the leader that cover bovine milk industry are being accepted when interviewing, express, as the progress of the times, popular feeling of green idea development, improve traffic condition of the city, advocate green to go out row, had become cosmopolitan consensus. The hope carries this activity, the advantage that lets people understands and experience a bicycle to be brought to daily traffic life personally and the change to social environment, broad citizen gives the call by bike row, alleviate the increasingly severe traffic pressure that Chinese city faces.

The leader of industry of milk of broadcasting station of Beijing people broadcast, unconscious ox and association of bicycle of city of 6 Olympic Gameses attended today's news briefing. 2006 my form Wang Xiaokun of total champion of my show whole nation is present add to the fun.

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