The team solution of diving dream presses " 4 paces music " : Match of speech of
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To prepare for war the Olympic Games, chinese diving group goes Jinan of annual bottom fight in some places one by one, began by a definite date 6 weeks winter model. The Spring Festival, they will be spent in Jinan. After ending wintry standard, diving team will return Beijing to attend the world cup that holds in water cubic metre. With before wintry model content is different, in the model of the last winter before the Olympic Games, having " the team of the dream " the Chinese diving team that say, put the emphasis to the training of psychological quality: Once a week psychology extends training, weekly day to get on gem gal class to adjust mood, nonsked hold speech contest, outside inviting, teach coach English... in the training plan in diving team, besides training fine carve of carve of relay add essence each technology movement, drill team is right of team member psychology " carve " also left very great time. The contest is current, "The team of the dream " in solution pressing respect it may be said expends idea.

Solution presses the first pace: Psychology is extended

Enter 2008, distance Beijing Olympic Games is closer and closer, chinese diving team besides continue to be in in training outside fine to technical energy carve carve, all-around in spare life still the psychological quality of aggrandizement athlete. In this winter model, all team member undertakes be analysed lucidly and be realizationed around problem of a psychology, had made diving group once a week obligatory course.

Psychological quality is self-evident to the importance of diving project. Psychological expert thinks, beijing Olympic Games is in China of the team " door mouth " hold, the atmosphere of the spot, all round the family member friend on familiar mother tongue environment, bleachers, these become the special pressure to the athlete likely. Want to maintain in the match and develop due technical standard, the stand or fall of psychological quality is crucial. It is reported, in diving team once a week psychology extends training course to go up, psychological expert can organize a conte around problem of a psychology, discuss in group by team member next, undertake inspire and communicating. Look in the expert, the process that team member comprehends should be compared engraft directly by others the effect is apparent.

Solution presses the 2nd pace: Diving gem gal

To improve quality of team member psychology, diving team invites gem gal teacher technically, designed a psychology that concerns with diving to mediate a movement. Weekly day in the morning, diving team team member people should attend one Tang Yuga class, the society in the gem gal movement that dives from imitate undertakes psychological suggestion is mixed adjust. Very much young team member also learned ego to control in Cong Yuga class.

Last year in July, chinese diving team absorbed the experience of ping-pong team, ask Beijing Normal University to teach Yu Dan to give team member the lecture, the result is right. Can see, chinese diving team is in of team member " ego Xiu Lian " the respect left many time.
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