Performance changes: Guerrilla experience
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Zhang Minghui, was born in Zhejiang to visit boat hill town 1975. Was graduated from Zhejiang university to run an institute 2002, obtain management to learn master's degree. Ever held the post of duty Yu Na net of power source, Zhejiang is connected, large the unit such as civilian battalion enterprise. Currently hold the post ofChangjiang Delta of short for Zhejiang Province manager of department of resource of manpower of Inc. of power source motivation.

Climate, favourable geographical position, person and. -- grandchildren strategics

Normally cent is domestic enterprise 3 kinds: Foreign capital enterprise, state-owned company, civilian battalion enterprise. If compare resource with landform, these 3 kinds of enterprises are just like upland, Campagna and flat. The Chinese often says: "The person goes toward altitude, water flows toward small part " . Enter civilian battalion business from foreign capital enterprise or state-owned company, hold the position of tall canal position to do change, be called airborne arms. Say on some kind of meaning, this is a kind of adventure. Advanced thought and practice, reached civilian battalion industry may not can things will be easily settled when conditions are O.K. . Flee Mai Cheng's case cans be found everywhere.

If will compare the relation of individual and organization with fish and water, the organization of so different type is water, the individual is a fish. The fish has fresh water fish and saltwater fish, water has the state such as brook, laky, great river, great river, sea. Fresh water fish is rushed enter salt water or the saltwater fish is rushed enter fresh water, most meeting is gone. The point that collect is fallen in fresh water and salt water, it is to mix water, final meeting produces a few fish that mix water. These mix water fish, it is the environment that got used to this locality certainly, reformed the gene with individual fish, get surviving chance.

Enter civilian battalion business from foreign enterprise or state-owend enterprise, be in the household company that sends exhibition period and transition quickly especially, can experience very big drop. This kind of fall is just like chute or air current, without flowing transition, shake harmonic noise acutenessly only.

Go 10 years, what civilian battalion company changes is thematic it is globalization and internationalization. In fact, civilian battalion enterprise still is in a lot of villages and towns this locality changes level (area characteristic is bright, if speak dialect, repellent foreigner, do not respect introduce talent) , of need is the course that China changes (characteristic of take out area, if tell mandarin, can include the person of all corners of the land, begin to know esteem introduces a talent, harmonious) , just talk about internationalization and globalization next likely.

Such actual setting, be just like socialism is the first phase of communism, we must consider to be in enterprise of battalion of civilian of villages and towns to make changing limitation and requirement first, it is a target with raising surviving rate.
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