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-- the backside that Sichuan province rises abruptly in adversity of company of Cheng of construction machinery chemical industry

This year, sichuan saves company of Cheng of construction machinery chemical industry (the following abbreviation " plain build machine department " , network address: Http:// Www.cj-js.com) happy event again and again, july, by the country industrial and commercial total bureau names for the whole nation " defend contract, heavy credence " enterprise; November, by the company bear the project of airport of yellow dragon of 9 stockaded village that build obtains China to build award of project Lu Ban, and it is the award of a Lu Ban with Sichuan sole this year province; December, by the company bear the Chengdu that build is new and high A2 of square of business affairs of science and technology the project wins a state award of high grade project, it is the state with only this year company of Sichuan province construction award of high grade project. Recently, our special interview Sichuan visits legal representative of company of Cheng of construction machinery chemical industry, general manager 10 thousand Xiao Lin.

Achieve a brand to promote company core competition ability

Ask: The industry that company of a construction can win so much heavyweight inside a year of short time is highest award, very not easy, please 10 thousand always talk about a company to be in one year in obtain so much to contain Troy what is the main reason of extremely high national level honor?

10 thousand Xiao Lin: We had gone to rely on to struggle poineering enthusiasm, difficultly, the newly established phase of development career, walked into with the system construction is core, the rational poineering level that with system standard person, normative company runs behavior. Make metric model person, and culture decides a system. Had gone to we must come with culture normative person, portray a person, will propose form with culture the times of our dimensions, benefit, brand and career.

Any enterprises have his development strategy, our development strategy is " start a brand, contend for the market " . Regard the building of general competition domain as construction company, its core competition ability is vendibility namely client value, and vendibility must come true through the brand. A few award that we win this year, it is the company achieves the concentration of the brand to reflect.

Care peasant worker worker is bldg. development assure

Ask: Peasant worker worker is the fundamental strength that builds industry rely heavily on sb's service, also be in recent years extremely a group that gets attention, plain how is building machine department to had managed, had used this one special group? Work of farmer of what measure care did the company take?

10 thousand Xiao Lin: Building an industry is a service concentrated model industry, and the service uses worker worker is the peasant worker worker that basically comes from far and near, and the characteristic that the farmer is versed in is fluidity bigger, get education degree is opposite not tall, accordingly, how to raise a farmer to be versed in the integral quality of this group, the health of body and mind that care farmer is versed in is bldg. does well of safe production important assure. Our particular way is:
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