Wuhan one college extends quality bring into a teacher to groom content
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"I believe my group, are you ready? " a person asks on 1.8 meters high table, listen to the teammate in chorus below to answer only, "Be ready! " subsequently, hear only " phut " , the person both hands on high table signs up for pectoral across, double leg to be bound by nylon rope, the back is opposite and fall, fall firmly on the network that more than 10 teammate builds with the arm. This is university of Wuhan science and technology in south 23 days of quality extend cent school teacher the one act of training.

In south cent school extends quality the obligatory course that serves as a student, the meeting after new student enter a school undertakes adaptability quality is extended, to big 3 around undertake promoting a gender quality extending. The student undertakes quality is extended, the teacher also needs to make model. A few days ago, in south cent school extends quality bring into pedagogic team to groom content, nearly 100 first teachers will be accepted on May 23 extend training. Quality extends training to groom into pedagogic team content, this action opens team of teacher of our country college to groom the beginning of content.

In occupying university of Wuhan science and technology south cent school is not professional quality to teach prexy Chen Qiping to teach the introduction, the student enters quality of class hour adaptability to extend, aim to help a student step good undergraduate's lively the first pace, big the promotion sex quality that 3 around have is extended, aim to let a student transform to the profession from school work, transform to ability quality from intellectual quality.

"Cross electrified wire netting " project, the group that asks 10 more than person is comprised, all from " high pressure of 5000 bend over " cross in electrified wire netting. "High tension line " the place of lowest leaving the ground has 10 centimeters only, have 1.5 meters highestly, and " electrified wire netting " density level is different, can use those who pass through " net mouth " also appearance each different, the any place of body of the person that pass through is touched touch " high tension line " , whole group wants from 0 begin. This makes one of training items that many groups span the hardest.

"When organizing student quality formerly to extend, looking aside, always feel not difficult, can experience truly in oneself when, not allow actually easy " , in south the teacher of a surname plum says cent school business school. 23 days, in south cent school already had nearly 100 teachers to be in what village of Wuhan people culture accepted by a definite date one day to extend training, these projects include " trustful buttock " , " cross electrified wire netting " , " Pan Yan " , " headroom breaks the bridge " etc, other teacher also will accept quality to extend training in succession. Before the project begins, group member can cheer bosomy interest each other, after every project ends, the coach can sum up the expression of whole group already, also can let at the same time " team member " hair the way one speaks or what he says is comprehended. It is reported, these projects basically depend on fostering person and the synergic spirit between, trustful spirit, collaboration spirit to wait.
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