Olympic Games opening ceremony extends training
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Themes of 2008 Olympic youth battalion are " the youth creates future " , in all recruit come from the whole world many 480 battalion of 205 countries and area member, and first recruit disabled battalion member, make run of all previous youth most. Face the young friend that comes from all corners of the land, the Nong Xinxin of student of second year in high school of the 2nd middle school of city of my area Nanning, showed groups Guangxi is small adequately peculiar true-blue: "Our dormitory has Bengal, still carry on one's shoulder belongs to Andiliesi, when coming of that Bengal ask me way, because he wants to make pilgrimage, because the building of Beijing is,sit north of the Southern Dynasties, very well-regulated, so I tell him according to this, next he says Thank You, thank You (thank) . "

In camping ground activity, the battalion of young battalion member people will visit Olympic Games village, watch Olympic Games opening ceremony and partial game, begin a group to extend the activity of the rich and colorful such as training. Join the favorite of young battalion through layer upon layer choose as Guangxi, summer wants to exercise his not only, want to be in communication study more, the mental inheritance Olympic and carry forward:

"We enter Olympic youth camp this activity, be equal to say even if make communication for the culture of the Olympic Games, ourselves, the culture of the motherland, the culture of our nation, with culture communication of the foreign country, next shirt-sleeve, so bilateral metropolis has results. So bilateral metropolis has results..

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