Unscramble a volunteer to groom whole process
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Volunteers of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games have his sign, the heart form that intentional heart photograph buckles on the mark, big family of indicative volunteer and athlete, Olympic and all guest heart are connecting service of heart, intention, consecratory love, for Olympic motion adds luster.

On the graph lively vibrant person entity, showed a volunteer to be happy volunteer spirit in order to dedicate. The spirit that the volunteer's true smile, excellent service, affable behavior will arouse each Olympic Games participator is resonant.

So is the volunteer team of Shenyang how refine becomes? They will be accepted groom what kind ofly, does the guest that invites them to you can give Shenyang to watch the game provide excellent service? Reporter special interview abstruse contest does Shenyang Yan Zhanfeng of volunteer ministry minister.

Groom go on wheels according to each time node

When be being interviewed up to the reporter, all volunteers groom course ends already smoothly, yan Zhanfeng's minister tells a reporter, the unity that according to BOCOG and Shenyang abstruse contest does asks, of volunteer of sports meet of Shenyang competion area grooming undertake according to each time node, all work in an orderly way.

In Shenyang abstruse contest does unit of origin of group of departmental door, each place, each volunteer to cooperate closely to fall, the choose of volunteer of sports meet of Shenyang competion area affirms, information is collected, the picture collects the job to be finished smoothly. Among them volunteer origin unit (Shenyang 16 colleges) according to Beijing Olympic Games, incomplete abstruse meeting volunteer is general groom relevant resource, decided before April 30 groom time, place, the organization carries out a volunteer current knowledge grooms activity.

What volunteer department will begin to unit of each volunteer origin is general groom undertake supervise and coaching.

Subsequently, according to quality requirement of the volunteer, abstruse contest does Shenyang, round municipal Party committee will undertake to sports meet volunteer general groom, major grooms, place grooms, post grooms etc multinomial groom the job, and the English, sign language, course that extended training to become volunteers to be interested most.

Groom course is diversiform

The volunteer great majority of Shenyang competion area comes from Shenyang each courtyard school, how to make these improve quality quickly in school undergraduate, can welcome the visitor that comes from each countries and motherland each district smoothly, round municipal Party committee did volunteer department to be arranged for the volunteer with abstruse contest groom sundrily, if English grooms, sign language grooms and quality extends training to wait a moment, still need volunteers to undertake is familiar with adequately to stadium house additionally, achieve without scotoma.

Minister thing gate of a lane tells a reporter, among them English training camp comes from April 16 on June 6, undertook grooming to more than 1000 volunteers.
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