Greet " 54 " field of young worker worker trains
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Meng Cuntian) yesterday morning, the member of 30 many youths of branch of power supply of in relief spring comes to the hill of emerald green wind that is located in a suburb, begin " 54 " first young worker worker extends training.
Branch of power supply of in relief spring this extend training project to have broken ice, fiducial buttock, pass through the brigade of Founder of electrified wire netting, blind, Lei Zhen, life, shipwreck flees for his life etc. In fiducial buttock project, reflected a person mutual the cooperation between, cooperate. The brigade of life makes each kid opens breadth of mind, took the heart each other in, reflected the warmth of big family, dissolved at ordinary times contradictory. The shipwreck flees for his life squadron member people the shipwreck wall that should cross 45 meters to grow, their bear hardships spirit got forge drills.
Branch of power supply of in relief spring is censorial be in staff member Fan Lixia to tell a reporter, she at ordinary times work even if next basic level are censorial, say with the colleague also be the thing that matters to the job to go up, the company is round now appoint this held vivid kinetic energy and come from basic level the like-minded understanding of each units, this is the platform of a very good colleague communication.
The group of branch of power supply of in relief spring appoint clerical Zhao Dazheng tells a reporter, they are greeted this year " 54 " begin the beginning that extending training is the group spirit that has formed to young member, let more power supply people work in harmonious working environment.

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