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TOM sports dispatch today (on April 7) afternoon, chinese women football extends training tax in what sweet river base had a break fresh ground, team member people one word is discharged, 123 after numbering off, automatic cent became 3 groups, hold the position of by Han Duan, Li Jie and Bi Yan respectively " civilian choose team leader " , and 3 trainer Gao Rongming, Cheng Xiaoyu and Chen Jingang are mixed respectively organize a group in, with team member people attended to extend training together, feel team member together each other accredit and the tremendous distinction that are battle severally.

Extend before beginning, in sweet river base advocate the preparation before 6 assembly room held the building to move is met. When the reporter reachs base, can have heard assembly room inside girls a lively scream. "Now basically is in group, calm group leader and sing suite of songs. " girls are 3 groups by cent, 3 groups header is Bi Yan, Han Duan and Li Jie respectively. "Comrades increase an interest ah! Hey hey You! " " forward! Be forward! Be forward! " " solidarity is force! " the singing as one falls of 3 groups of team member rings from inside assembly room. And sufficient assist the brave austral Xie Yalong of your high level also was watched today personally extend exercise, this also is new handsome after assuming office 2 people go to sweet river the 4th times in person.

Today's extend an activity the first link is general this kind of activity likes to do most " headroom throws a back " , go up in a piece of table namely again pile a chair, every groups team member should stand above, straight system falls backward, and it is behind her, with the other team member of the group two one group two builds a shoulder, the team member that topples above catching. This motion also is to exercise authority the degree of belief to teammate. Although once had looked a lot of times on TV, but let girls personally go into battle, a little nervous still.

Whole activity just ends till 6 o'clock, and team is returned indoor the summary that still undertook half hours. "Before, team may be confidence go up a little problem, this paragraph of time tells a leader to be opposite now take seriously very much in the team. This coach and everybody play game together, also be to our training one kind adjusts, everybody has a common cause, make everybody betterThe match. " Shang Ruihua summed up today's content after the activity.

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