First family is large extend training to kick off grandly
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Game of novel box front courtyard ever appeared in bay of 5 predestined relationships, attracted a lot of adult and child to participate in.

Condition signing up: Have the child is reading elementary school 3 year come first the family of 2 is first

Extend time: On April 19 (Saturday) ; Place: Hai Cang citizen square

Small treasure (alias) 12 years old, the boy, elementary school 6 grade student. His mother tells a reporter, after entering 4 year, small treasure " more and more not obedient " , seemed to change a person. Classes are over at ordinary times come home, love closes in his room, do not know what a person is doing. Ask him the word, often look cold and indifferent, appear very impatient, often still bunt parents. The mom of small treasure is not clear, which did that darling son go before?

Educational expert and psychological expert are very clear, these change of small treasure actually very normal, it is one when the child grows needs classics phase -- green and traitorous period. This is a when the child grows to be formed with disposition important period, to the parent, besides outside the child should give to be taken care of attentively on the life, should communicate more with the child more, the child from youth traitorous in " pullback " come.

But regretful is, according to considering to make clear, a lot of parents often are at a loss what to do to the child of green betray, cannot suit the remedy to the case, still became the child finally even " dead correct " , let the child and parents between diaphragmatic deeper and deeper.

This Saturday (on April 19) , a family is large extend training general to be held in square of Hai Cang's citizen, the child that the purpose gives these is in green growing level namely and parents close the chance that knows the other side. This activity will finish the game, pattern that extends training jointly through domestic member, make each other genuine between parents and child communicate, let kiss affection to be in the aggrandizement in extending training, deepen, let domestic member communicate confluence in cheerful atmosphere, span hand in hand aeriform diaphragmatic.

This second activity is pure belong to commonweal property, the participant needs dedication to give enthusiasm only, do not need to pay any fee. Greeting citizen lifts the home to attend, all members that welcome to join the family that extends training especially are like view and emulate of grandma of parents, grandfather and kin friend.

This second activity casts estate limited company to sponsor by sea of Xiamen evening paper, Xiamen, science and technology develops Xiamen today limited company, Xiamen psychological academy undertakes today.

(reporter king Wei Ran)

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Condition signing up reachs kind

According to child adolescence traitorous period common law, if your child is going up,3 year reach elementary school junior high school 2 grade, your family is OK and first attend extend training. The family extends training on April 19 morning, afternoon each one, every are restricted 50 different families play.
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