Groom level is adopted extend training
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Conciliatory area holds a young person mothball talent grooms class

To be fulfilled in the round " conciliatory area " 915 " period woman develops a program " , raise this area youth the thought politics quality of mothball talent team and practice ability level, get used to post to ask to mix better " promote conciliatory area core competition ability " need, whole area mothball person just joined 42 young people by the area appoint Fu of constituent ministry, area labour appoint, area appoint the conciliatory division that Party school runs jointly young mothball talent groomed 2008 class. On celebration flying a class, area appoint constituent ministry is attended about the leader and to groom class student is done arouse speech.

Groom this recommend with the unit, preferred choose for the principle, in 30 years old according to the age the following, the first record of formal schooling is the condition of undergraduate course and above, from whole area each appoint (do, bureau) reach cadre of youth of relevant section choose to play by a definite date the be released from production to take on other duty of a month grooms. Groom set area condition in the light of the characteristic that shows level youth cadre, growing rule and intellectual demand talent of education, theoretical foundation, youth grows the content of 3 module, adopt extend training, concentration to give lessons, the means help youth such as education of delibrate communication, spot is mothball accomplishment of talent politics theory, make clear growing direction, enhance innovation consciousness, so that get used to post requirement and the need that new conciliatory construction admits better.

(conciliatory area Fu labour appoint the office)

4 cascade net will realize information of prosperous Ping Yoling's woman inside year

2008, prosperous smooth area will take the lead in realizing city, area, town, village in whole town the 4 cascade net of information of Yo age masses, family planning network outspread to country, community, through the village (community) online and timely change Yo age woman pertinent information.

To master information of complete Ou Yoling's woman systematically in the round, 2007, government of prosperous smooth district is contributive 3.2 million yuan, for whole area all administrative village and community provided the computer, it is system of information of Yo age woman to upgrade in the round from hardware had made preparation. Of the same age, still work only to the basic level family planning of whole area had a village (house) the special subject of population and application of software of management of family planning information grooms, help them master applied process adroitly, improved work efficiency greatly. Serve government to strengthen hobo, prosperous smooth area still built a village (community) hobo information platform signs up for a dot continuously, and with Heibei bear heart, Henan believes in relief, Shandong He lustre 15 flow into Chang Ping more provincial town built population to cross area cooperation to concern, got better result.
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