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"I had looked for a lot of places, do not have satisfactory job namely. " " I feel I am not as poor as the family, just did not concern in the home. " " a month earns 1500 yuan, eliminate expenditure is remained very few, still be inferior to staying in the home not to go out. " a variety of reason, brought up same kind of person -- , " gnaw old a group of things with common features " . As quality of psychology of on Shanghai first youth training camp is in of general Tuo area start formally, in pilot long wind and Cao Yang Jie, had had half the number " gnaw old a group of things with common features " the door that helps next walking out of up to close in the side of psychological expert, participate in psychology trains and fight in pressing study.

   News event
Apply for a job after old father is emeritus raise a son

The Sun Shi teach that lives in Cao Yang Jie to every morning 6 when punctual get up, hasty early after taking exercise, multiply on the bus that leaves for downtown, do storehouse to keep for company of logistics of a property.
This is the 2nd job that seeks after Sun Shi teacher is retired, a job is keeper of building materials company, after working half an year, because working hours grows body be unable to stand, add the son that reads three-year institution of higher learning to want finish school immediately, sun Shi teach feels he is boiled eventually gave a head, resigned then the portion works.
After who knows a son to graduate, the job that sought a few months also does not have assured source, not be to disrelish great distance too tired, feel pay is too low namely, flat finally quit to apply for a job, made " gnaw old a group of things with common features " . Under Nai of Sun Shi Fu Mo, be obliged to apply for a job again allowance family expenses.

   Social phenomenon
Maiden children relies on parents mostly

The dweller that with Sun Shi teach has similar experience is absent a few. According to growing wind market statistic, at present this community comes 20 years old 30 years old " gnaw old a group of things with common features " in all 255 people, have the 85 people of record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning. Only half person has obtain employment in them or continue to read intent, other in part auxes would rather slow-witted do-nothing in the home.
Before this, center of scientific research of Chinese the aged also published data of a group of investigation, the family that our country has 65% above exists " often raise small " phenomenon, the adult support father and mother that 30% is control is its defray part total even living cost.
An investigation shows Shanghai society academy of sciences, in read maiden children is absent on Shanghai 85% need to rely on parents to be its defray part total even living cost.
The parents that is old at the same time is maintaining add of arduous work hard forcedly to raise with frail body " did not break breast " the child, the youth that across is apathetic however is companion with network game all day, this yields many love the parents that the heart cuts examines this conscience: At the outset whether already sufferred callosity fondly " retaliation " ?
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