Left hand catchs group right hand communicate
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The person that invents electric light is edison, who is what invent light of the buy inside measuring projector then? The person that invents a plane is Lai spy brother, who is what invent space shuttle then? The person that invents a telephone is Bell, who is what invent a mobile telephone then? Before last century middle period, be current of individual hero creed, the individual's contribution can drive a society to advance, lead people to cross brand-new times.

It is however in subsequently social progress, the force of the group is more and more powerful, the individual is become gradually " hero " medium one fraction, the earth since the force prize that relies on oneself already was a job that finishs impossibly.

As ceaseless progress of the society, our individual ability can not do more and more things, the group is replacing an individual to become a company slowly " the column that prop up a day " . However, a group is formed by the person, different person, different setting, different disposition, different philosophy, different good happen by chance is together, hard to avoid stumbles, the group should be run normally must face communicate the problem with collaboration. How to make through effective communication the group cooperates cheek by jowl, how to establish a group to promote again communicate, every group leader is wanted to ponder over this, also be Hangzhou opens Yuan Zhijiang to go vacationing likewise the village is pondering. Below increasingly severe hotel industry pressure, go vacationing the village is communicated in group construction and employee all the time on make full time, the extends side of the employee talkfest that communicates activity, effectively, each other to help each other department efforts with the communication meeting, lively story with original form, these let go vacationing the employee of the village experiences solidarity and warmth. And the employee of every time communicates meeting, talkfest more become go vacationing the platform that communication communicates between village leader and employee.

Extract one: Without seam a link cooperation of departmental door concerted effort

"Hello, I am the XX that opens yuan of office, open yuan of hall to taking a stand, can you come over to help? " " good, sure. " one this of the phone is insecurity drives yuan of office staff busily seeking help, and one that of the phone is a hotel other department is without hesitant affirmation in succession. Yes, in go vacationing you can see the village everyday almost such setting, want to have need only, each go vacationing village employee can drop the job in the hand, go finishing more pressing job jointly. From decorate eat stage to arrive help recieve, from urgent place a stage to arrive to remove a stand quickly, from play snow to arrive to fight snow together severally, before each task and challenge, go vacationing the power that village employee produced a group adequately, "The heart is connecting heart, hand to pulling a hand " this is to go vacationing the village is departmental the door does not have those who seam a link to reflect, it is to regard a successful group as indispensable element more.
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