Extend training to improve overall quality
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It is aggrandizement talent to foster, this place builds administrative post to make public contest to hire choose mechanism and post star to enter into an election contest publicly, promotive mechanism, offer the arena that shows skill and wisdom for its hard. 2005, this department office post of 25 long, general government and place belong to 10 section office each unit manages post 46 times to make public contest to hire choose commonly, worker of 5 basic level is on office government post.

"Heart, head, hand " develop simultaneously, promote quality in the round

Aggrandizement grooms is the important step that promotes a worker professional skill, also be the basic safeguard that career of the profession that finish plans.

This place holds to " heart, head, hand " develop simultaneously, pay attention to the comprehensive promotion of level of employee psychology quality, knowledge and operation skill. Grooming on means, the change caught post to should know to answer only in the past meeting and " what, filling what be short of " simple way of doing things, exert oneself promotes the job to implement power. For instance maintenance post worker grooms, with raising judgement breakdown is mixed solve problem ability to attach most importance to a dot, with theory study, spot the side teachs outside mixing, earth up for main way, compare connecting with the boxing skill through technical communication and technology, the worker education becomes the connoisseur expert that maintains the job. And professional technology worker grooms emphasize particularly on to solve production at rising, manage, property management serves real problem and ability of technical difficult problem. Groom in administrator in, refine management with essence of life knowledge, method is with development train of thought groom key, increasing integrated capacity again.

This place is built perfect with " 4 measure " (training of contest of assessment of the mount guard that hold card, exam, skill, post) , " 3 assessment " (groom assessment is unqualified person cannot mount guard, turn hillock grooms assessment is unqualified person cannot turn hillock, crucial post grooms assessment is unqualified person cannot mount guard) , " 2 link up with " (level of worker technical ability and individual income link up with, worker grooms assessment result and link up with of competitive mount guard) be content " 432 " the worker grooms incentive mechanism, bring employee into play to finish the enthusiasm of professional career.

Nearly two years, this place builds labour of heating power fireman, electrical engineering, mining area to maintain labour, horticultural afforest to wait for much type of work to groom early or late base, constituent technology competition, extend view and emulate of training, study to communicate 21 showing number, groom number 1200 much person-time, worker ginseng is earthed up rate amount to 91.2% . Full point has personnel of 32 professional technologies to obtain tall, medium, primary major to hold a post early or late qualification, 26 people obtain undergraduate course record of formal schooling. In professional technology personnel, scale of personnel of title of class of tall, medium, assistant rises 43% ; In operating personnel, scale of personnel of tall, intermediate operation rises 26.4% , administration of professional career design is in progressively and thorough popular feeling.
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