New trend of employee material benefits more and more human nature is changed
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The United States manages advisory expert Shi Binse to once had said: Measured the index of the enterprise in the past, it is to see employee create value of how many economy, can become later see an enterprise how treat employee, because former those who look is in the past, what latter looks is future. On employee material benefits, if the enterprise is done so that respect and can be liked very much more, and be in contemporary in the society of a such diversity, of company employee material benefits " human nature " , " considerate " , " originality " it is a direction. Different company has different welfare form, what does the commonnest welfare form have at present?

Healthy consideration -- ,

Offer charge of check-up, medical treatment to submit an expense account for employee wait for sanitarian welfare, beneficiary beneficiary still can include employee spouse and children even. A lot of companies can arrange employee to arrive professional check-up orgnaization undertakes comprehensive check-up and offer health to seek advice now, duty field person should treat this opportunity seriously, the body is him, able-bodied physique is the foundation of all society activity. Life-insurance, accident injury insurance, medical treatment is sure to wait, the with average that sets besides the country is planted outside, a lot of companies still can buy commercial round risk for employee. Additional, some companies provide gymnastical support for employee, ask professional coach to undertake for employee fitness coachs, involve a variety of items such as dance of appliance, gem gal, badminton, Latin.

The holiday that take salary -- ,

Show according to a statistic, the enterprise scale that plans the vacation that take salary has risen to 83.27% , firewood of the New year holidays that take salary, sick leave that take salary, belt is legal holiday, still have marriage holiday, maternity leave, accompany holiday of maternity leave, small maternity leave, funeral to wait. It is with Microsoft exemple, employee begins the first year from the job, can have 12 days of winter vacation that take salary every year, the service still begins to enjoy year of endowment holiday after two years completely; Employee can have 15 days of sick leave that take salary every year; Serve an activity to encourage employee to take an active part in a volunteer, the volunteer that the company gives employee to offer the holiday that take salary to be engaged in his having deep love for serves an item...

Overwork allowance -- ,

Everybody is encountered likely work overtime, but overwork subsidy is large however different. The country has corresponding regulation to overtime, but actually, overtime still should calculate the category in salary inside, to working overtime allowance, this points to the welfare beyond cash namely. Some companies can offer rich and nice dinner to overwork personnel, can submit an expense account the rental fare that after working overtime, comes home, additionally a few companies will work overtime actively plan the performance assessment that enters an individual, after overwork time accumulative total exceeds certain hour, promotion performance grade, award can become because of this rich and generous end of the year. Contrary, termless overwork company staff, working status can become unusual " horrible " .
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