The flower will be pushed in May brand-new and villatic
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Flower a person of extraordinary powers of the highway before hill gathers curtilage, the villa of all sorts of styles is contended for strange bottle colourful, have south of California amorous feelings, have semi-tropical amorous feelings, but the villa of Spanish style still does not see more. Reporter from Guangzhou Yin Yejun luckEstateDevelopment limited company understands, this company will roll out Sheng Puladuo this year in May brand-new and villatic, the Spain that this villa professes to want to make former juice raw ingredient is royal building, pay attention to the processing of detail more.

Sheng Puladuo is located in a flower lotus of town of area lion mountain goes vacationing edge of reservoir of a screen-like mountain peak of the lotus inside the area, on 3 waterlocked peninsula, cover an area of 210 thousand square metre, first phase rolls out more than 100 independent villa, cent A, B, C, D, E5 is planted door model, the biggest A villa has 1200 square metre, 5 flatlet are designed, master room has 100 much square metre, there still is independent panorama lift in villa. The smallest E villa also has 512 square metre, the D of 618 square metre villa has independent an arch over a gateway.

The reporter sees on spot sand table, villatic design of Sheng Puladuo introduced a lot of Spanish style elements, for instance small push without using one's hands comes back, mouth of brim of plasterer of canister tile, hand, circle, still iron, Tao Yi waits hang. Be in door model on the design, sheng Puladuo reflects functional sex and fitting room characteristic adequately, be like advocate bedroom fractionize is sleep area, sit area of area, wholesome area, wash one's hands and face, advocate those who have bounty is return to enter type inside the bedroom between Chu Yi.

This building dish Spanish amorous feelings still is reflected in the name choose on, for instance Puladuo is the museum with famous Spain, also be " 4 big museum of world " one of, the forms a delegation to also use Spain famous sightseeing islands inside the village will name, add for instance this lay mines of bay, card is pulled, Ma Lue card, the highway of case Lan Weiya inside the village, Li Chi is Madrid the name of park of famous business street, royal park.

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