Shaanxi: Take provincial office newly army turn the cadre is accepted groom
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On January 10, shaanxi province enters cadre of be transferred to civilian work of provincial mechanism army newly 2007 to update knowledge to groom the class holds class ceremony in northwest university. 380 just go into local cadre from army, will be in by a definite date in the time of 2 months, job of curriculum of core of laws and regulations of systematic study law, common management, body is main lecture of skill, special subject 4 kinds big in all 16 course, begin study to make an on-the-spot investigation at the same time, extend the activity such as delibrate of training, theme.

According to introducing, shaanxi visits officeholder team
In army turn the cadre has quite large proportion, cadre of military last year be transferred to civilian work enters provincial office have 380 people. Office of hall of human affairs of undersecretary of ministry of organization of provincial Party committee, province grows Wang Xugang to say, had done army turn the cadre grooms, matter to the overall situation that ability of quality of team of new period cadre builds, of the course policy policy that matters to a party carry out fulfil, matter to reform to develop stable overall situation. Through grooming, advocate if make everybody comprehensive understand me to save economy,construction and society develop the current situation, master the basic technical ability that mechanism works adroitly, be familiar with the basic course that mechanism works and method, finish smoothly transform to the part of officeholder from the soldier, build to be on new post result establish course of study to lay good foundation.

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