The care of wintry day: Occasionally love of? of anxiety of vulgar show off a da
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"Love acts "

Can have every year

16:30, activity of a day ended, station of ground of be reluctant to part is in children in the sunshine hall of mobile center, teachers also hate to part with these obedient children. The Li Xi's minister of mobile ministry says:" Solid really beside our existence needs the difficult group of the help. Actually the society does not lack love, the key depends on how passing good way to build a platform, have demand and supply fact effect butt joint, and commonweal winter reached such action since just of your battalion activity. Mobile center can cooperate with new newspaper, be on winter vocation every year the first day to conduct such activity, mobile content also will be met henceforth richer and richer, interesting. Mobile content also will be met henceforth richer and richer, interesting..

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