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Children of especially tired family and children of staff of work of ab extra Wu play freely

Yesterday (28 days) it is whole town middle and primary school is born the first day when be on winter vocation. Yesterday, the children of 100 poor children and family of work of ab extra Wu spent a day of very contented joy however. Center of Tianjin adolescent activity and daily new newspaper is sponsorred, northward net assist the care " of the " winter day that run a day of battalion, let children laugh at bout sincerely.

100 special run member play together

"Give poor child a happy reason. "The care " that this is day of this " winter -- children of the member that Tianjin city strands domestic children and worker of ab extra Wu especially is free the purpose of a day of battalion. Daily new newspaper also joins in among them, recruit social love and the student that participate in an activity.

Yesterday, 100 special small run member gather in eventually together. The teachers of teenage activity center abandoned his breathing space, for children " spends a body all sorts of custom-built " game, according to their age, level, offer artistic course experience, a lot of children are first time training of experience vocal music and dancing, taekwondo and strong and handsome hold groom. Mobile center still prepared a movie, offer free lunch. Tianjin university is outdoors the undergraduate volunteer obligation of association coachs they undertake extending training.

Sensible child touchs a teacher

The first day when have a holiday, fine jade fine jade in the morning 4:00 much rose, helping the father and mother that does breakfast business work. Fine jade fine jade native place is in Shanxi, went to Tianjin as parents as a child. Before having a holiday, the school informs she can enter the activity of teenage activity center, she is extremely glad. Afternoon, the tax is made in handiwork, fine jade fine jade very painted a sanded picture attentively, she says to want to be hanged in him home, to spend the New Year buy gas of a bit happy event.

In extending training, children built a tent, everybody was gotten. Open tent when the teacher a bit aperture when, everybody was not being contended for run outside, however first call is other companion. The Zhu Shaoheng with the smallest figure comes out finally, still had arranged tent.

Have a meal midday, children were having to be adjusted each other before, child of hidebound of a few meals dialed the meal first, they say:" Cannot waste. "Every child is not carried feed, and, have oneself thing very neatly, teachers say:" These children are really sensible. Have the child with some of family good condition at ordinary times, pour box meal midday, oneself take snacks to eat. "Ate a meal, children are helping a teacher clear away the spot, new newspaper " is new assist in managing the firm child Dou Ting that " has helped has 11 years old only, resemble a big elder sister however same, busy before busy hind, often still exhort the companion that ate a meal:" Get dressed. "Sign up for reporter Ren Yue newly
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