Navigation of 2 labour big profession helps tired mechanism aid financially stud
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University of the 2nd industry begins Shanghai to highlight the professional career navigation that is born miserably in helping tired work, "Aid financially student program life " .
According to introducing, the school was designed a few about professional career ability of program, profession is extended, human association and mental health education wait a series of measure a moment. School plan lets student of each economy difficulty can attend one profession ability to extend training in 4 years, invite orgnaization of famous vocational training, special vocational training division to design training link, be aimed at the certain characteristic of domestic difficulty student, exercise their good human communication ability and oral expression ability. In addition, the school still invites manager of ways of the world of Shanghai well-known business and student to be communicated face-to-face, with two pairs of difficult student knot, the professional handler that lets a student experience the maturity on take office field is how to grow rise, let them establish confidence, familiar duty field is regular, especially interview is regular, make they move toward a society smoothly.

Nowadays, the school is absorbed aid financially method advancedly domestic and internationally, measure a body for the student custom-built 8 kinds aid financially a formula, be like " stipend of fellowship of loan tuition derate " , " loan exhibition + stipend is versed in frequently aid learn " , " award, stipend is versed in frequently aid learn professional development to groom " , " development of profession of award, stipend grooms " etc. Student but the circumstance according to oneself, the choice is right oneself university aids financially a formula, so that rationalize uses of all kinds resource, reduce waste

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