Groom is trade logic in He Fang?
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Groom! One begins to appear often in the thing of domestic business circles in 90 time initial stage, because his industry is characteristic, attracted large quantities of practitioner. Groom of the industry enter a doorsill not tall, the industry does not have standard and brand, the phenomenon with dragon jumbly snake is very common. The administrative adviser firm that home registers at present and groom the company has near 100 thousand probably, as to distributing the free instructor in each district is number does not contain number more.

But the development that experienced near 20 years, I think excuse me everybody, him everybody or be company income can you exceed 5 million a few are there in the whole nation? We had researched ten companies of domestic that save city, what have a few development really is very good, outstanding achievement can be broken through ten million and of on 100 million. But first a few do 100 thousand have in the home? Be this again a few now is there oneself core competition ability really? Is the company that can you assure you prosperous do not decline? Can you build groom the brand of the industry? Groom who solved the 6 big problems of the company? That is to perplex the whole nation to groom almost the problem of the company:

One: Groom the sale of the company is difficult, even if the company of outstanding achievement ten million is very consummate the company of 100 million, still also developing the market, in contest mark. Of the cause client that because groom,is us originally chicken ribs, it is OK also to do, do not do also won't die, the enterprise is not inevitable to groomed demand, be destined so countless new personality groom in us to death before the phone desk of the company, new personality prediction of a person's luck in a given year is fast, grow slow, the phone that a lot of bosses feel disgusted most is annoyed even if groom the sale phone of the company. Cannot turn the product into the client because of us must taste, this knot disease from go up at all our reappearance exhibits block up.

2: Groom the brand of the company is difficult build, or it is the sale that says built brand does not back a company. In reality, of too much enterprise groom can give a few faceless companies go doing, have a plenty of consideration price, have a plenty of consideration favor, still have other a variety of reasons. Home a year groom sale near one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two, can go without any company forestall or hold apparent market share. The sex do not have foreword that the industry grows is apparent, small, medicinal powder, also be a feature in disorder, do not have any standards to be able to be abided by, bespatter, attack, price war makes the main sound of the market.

3, groom the curricular character of the company is difficult unified, the service was not sure. Any groom the ace course that the company has him and ace instructor. But the addition as business, course wants more instructor to tell about, this moment often the spot effect difference of ace and other instructor teachs big, schoolteaching quality assures hard, often need to take client training, below the premise that injures client effect, try tell the instructor maturity that lets oneself to rise. Also caused the censure of the enterprise and allergy at the same time, the client's time and money did not get respect, hurt opposite party groom state of mind, also destroyed oneself the figure in client heart.
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