Change function strengthens production to make a center build
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Editor's note: Advance what recombine a process as cigarette industry cartel steadily, the production of subordinate of company of industry of the tobacco in already managing main body change to be by the production in the past makes cigarette plant branch, its enterprise function also produced change accordingly.
Monopolistic bureau put forward national tobacco 2006 strengthen " 4 large centers " after the requirement of construction, how " do true plant the plant " the working heart that makes each production point. The plant of a few cigarette of subordinate of company of industry of the tobacco in Anhui transforms quickly idea, look for exact location, clear function, from construction " behavior standard, rich efficiency, red-blooded " the high have sth in mind of business of contemporary cigarette industry, practice hard exercise to benefit the internal organs, solid the construction that advances production to make a center, obtained better result. A few days ago, our newspaper reporter drives port of lake of overgrown with weeds of the smoke in going to Anhui, mussel, Hefei 3 cigarette manufacturer is interviewed, brought back a few production to choose the experience that gains in function transition process for us, let us be shared together.

Harmony irrigates happy flower leaves

Workshop of harmony of plant of cigarette of Hefei of the smoke in Anhui builds working on-the-spot record

Zhu Xiaoxia of our newspaper reporter

Equipment operates skill to compare connecting with the boxing skill is the effective carrier that level of skill of promotion employee whole raises production to create central capacity then. The graph is plant of cigarette of Hefei of company of industry of the tobacco in Anhui to coil an employee is in packet of workshop section skill goes than Wu Zhongjin machine operation. Reporter sea lamp is photographed

On September 21 afternoon, come out in the assembly room of plant of cigarette of Hefei of company of industry of the tobacco in Anhui blast an applause, "Harmonious cup " controversy contest is being held here. Around " building harmonious workshop is to rely on character consciousness to still rely on a system to ensure " debate topic, come from mechanism, roll 7 delegations such as the workshop that accept a package, workshop that make silk had wonderful viewpoint engage in a battle, both sides of the positive and negative on competition ground is intense and the enthusiastic applause that does not break friendly controversy to often draw an audience.

"In harmonious atmosphere, can produce great efficiency. In the workshop auspicious, healthy, up in the environment, everybody just can produce tremendous initiative, creativity. " Hefei cigarette plant was represented if Cao of optimal argue hand brights the aspirations of broad worker.

Join forces irrigates happy flower

"The workshop resembles a harmonious big family, in the atmosphere of sweet harmony, everybody feels happiness, happy, everybody happy amid, in the heart warm and dependable. " when the feeling that asks about pair of work environments when the reporter, roll bag workshop blocks car woman worker such say.
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