Chinese male platoon whether achieve again brilliant
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At that time, after the library closes, the classmates of Beijing University are embraced in assembly room. That evening, chinese male platoon wants as male as Korea platoon to be in house of Yo of lean type of Li Sha of Hong Kong Yi to undertake finals, the winner will attend on behalf of the Asia in those days world cup, this match also is called " develop an Asia " battle. The university dormitory in those days does not have TV at all, classmates can be squeezed in little TV room only. Because the person is much, among sitting to look, of both sides and from the back standing to look, come late do not have method, be forced to stand on bench from the doorway to in extending a head to make do with look. Accompanying Song Shixiong's sodorous explanation, the enthusiasm of classmates also is aroused.

That is the male platoon of the strongest a China on the history, a lot of people in them today already below renown Wen Tian, wang Jiawei, Shen Fulin, Hu Jin, Li Jianxin... final, they are in 0 fall than 2 backward adverse condition, pull 3 dishes repeatedly, gain a victory. There still are a such small episodes at that time, because the satellitic time of hire is insufficient long, the match has not ended, hookup stops abruptly, everybody is informed final result from inside broadcast. The student that has nearly 4000 Beijing University probably walks out of a dormitory, cheer caper, sing loudly national anthem, cry went out " solidarity rises, revitalize China " this hearten China ten years resonant catchword.

That day, xinhua News Agency published 25 nature paragraph the press release of 760 words, the name is " solidarity rises, revitalize China " . Although this communication is given out,already was 22 days of before dawn much at 1 o'clock bell, but still have include " People's Daily " mix in the center of inside 12 newspaper use the place. This catchword circulates gradually the whole nation, also blended in deeper, wider connotation. On May 4, 1981, " People's Daily " cry again piece " solidarity rises, revitalize China " catchword, cite the logion of revolutionary pioneer Li Dazhao -- " me a group of things with common features henceforth whether base oneself upon at the world, be absent of Bai Shouzhong country be on one's last legs, and the reincarnation that is in green China is renascent " -- with incentive compatriots, revelatory youth. "Solidarity rises, revitalize China " , the times that becomes 80 time initial stage then most ictus. In those days, chinese male platoon obtains the 5th good result on the world cup, and Chinese women's volleyball began them " 5 Lian Guan " course, chinese volleyball, even Chinese sports turned over brand-new one page.

Nowadays, time has gone 26 years. Memory has this paragraph of past event, we besides feel an upsurge of emotion, much still disconsolate with grief, because guide what this supports steely army in those days advocate not long ago of Shuai Daiting Bin left us, go going to distant celestial, continueing over his volleyball dream.
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