Market of rolled steel of China of dominant next year
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"2008 will be Chinese iron and steel industry a year when face international challenge, want to face new steel products to export a situation already, want to answer new raw material to supply pattern again. " Zheng Yuchun of assistant chief engineer of research center of progress of metallurgical industry economy expresses.

Conclude yesterday China is steely 2008 on industrial situation seminar, the expert thinks, international element dominant 2008 market of Chinese rolled steel, on one hand rolled steel exit glides to drive rolled steel production possibly to grow change to be moderate growth by high speed, on the other hand of iron ore price, marine cost super- often rise will make steely course of study enters high cost period. Here the circumstance falls, chinese steely course of study will be forced to walk up be full of " labor pains " the road of structural adjustment.

Steely production increases fast fall after a rise

Standing vice-chairman Luo Bing gives birth to association of Chinese iron and steel industry predict, crop of our country crude steel will achieve 490 million tons or so 2007, grow 16% to control compared to the same period; Rolled steel billet exports amount to crude steel 72.5 million tons, come true to grow considerably compared to the same period.

And since September, below action of a series of exports in the light of rolled steel adjusting control measure that come on stage in the government, rolled steel exit presents a degressive trend, will appear to enjoy growth compared to the same period first October. Meanwhile, the exemple of the close a case that return do all one can that our country rolled steel encounters in European Union and United States is increasing also, export trade environment worsens continuously.

Luo Bing is unripe think, considering adjusting control measure will continue to produce policy effect 2008, add the adverse effect that conflict of steely product international trade brings, predicted our country steely product exports gross general 2008 under the level 2007, drop compared to the same period 20% the left and right sides.

"My steely net " Gu Liangqun of vise general manager thinks, at present price of domestic steel products is narrowing with international price difference, restrict the action of measure plus exit, rolled steel exit is facing major test. "Next year first half of the year, do not eliminate exit of Chinese iron and steel to be able to have big systole, still be inferior to the level when 2006 even. " he says, rise considering case of sea freight rate again the steely exit flow direction that causes is adjusted, although Europe, middle east and American market are congener,product value compares dollar of 150-200 of Chinese tower above, also cause a large number of exit of China hard. Accordingly, exit takes on hard in next year the important task of market of rolled steel of the China that prop up, decided market of Chinese rolled steel 2008 depend on " inside need " and be absent " outside assist " .
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