Young cadre grooms in the attempt extends training
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Attend river retail sales cadre of the youth in 2008 grooms toward Zhao Qingyan city island extends Education Foundation before 51 2 student, undertake the group is established, buttock, grab a beach to land wait for series to extend training. What first time contact extends training is medium young cadre expresses, although training course is very difficult, but extend experience to make his benefit a lot.

Those who undertake to groom this groom division shows, they have specific aim ground to be in young cadre designed innovation course, "Train main purpose this to depend on, let lead cadres to be brave in to break through his, break thinking formulary, cleared thought obstacle. In the meantime, hope they learn to handle the communication collaboration between different role, enjoy through interest each other will enhance bilateral actual strength, achieve finally double win. Achieve finally double win..

On May 8, 9 days are me the province is close 2 paragraph of time air temperature is highest days, torrid weather is added super- constant carry momentum, 51 contact the student that extends training first " torment " exhausted, but a lot of cadres think, this kind of new experience form grooms, in exercise while, benefit is more on the thought bandit is shallow, the homiletic summary after failing to the task especially and self-criticism, let everybody abstract a good job really " of experience talk " ; Pass training, not only training volition, still raised group consciousness.

The concerned controller of Party school of municipal Party committee introduces, extending training this is this year a substantial that content of education of Party school of river door municipal Party committee reforms greatly, also be a when municipal Party committee organizes a ministry to strengthen cadre team to build new move, new trial. Arrange of this with one action aims to pass training, widen cadre team establishs the channel that establish, strengthen innovation consciousness of the cadre and group spirit, make harmonious cadre team. On the foundation that extends training this in summary, ministry of organization of municipal Party committee will be perfected stage by stage, push a cadre to extend training project

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