All-round victory begins elite to extend training
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All-round victory culture is the culture of elite, of long standing and well established. Want the elite that you are all-round victory only, wanting you only is emulative overmatch, you can know your position in all-round victory! All-round victory company will meet the elite members of long club of member and elite inn hold a theme to ignite passion for " for elite on May 20, deliver dreamy " outdoors extend an activity, the place is set in the scenery beautiful weather eye lake is outdoors extend base.

Many 24 elite that comes from front entered this activity, whole activity is comprised by 4 game and delibrate, what fight brave in nervous and intense, battle of wits is outdoors in extending exercise, everybody more the marrow of viewpoint of value that comprehending talent of all-round victory " is " of the most precious fortune, the potential of the strength that also realizes companionate support, group in motion and oneself! In extending training, all-round victory elite people adapt oneself record, break through ego. This day, have mirth, have lose, have sweat, think of somewhat, have income.

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