Analyst of wall street heavy goods resigns in succession
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England " financial times " • case thunder pulls Francisco (Francesco Guerrera) , Debola • Bruce is special (report of Deborah Brewster) new York

Wall street is being witnessed dog the analyst of oil, natural gas and domain of other heavy goods leaves his post in succession, because credit is constrictive,invite with the high pay to pouring fund, make large quantities of research analysts leave investment bank in succession.

In the past a few months, a few equipment suffer oil analyst of respect to leave his post in succession, spend flag group for example (the squares formed by crossed lines of Lai of • of way squares formed by crossed lines of Citigroup) is special (Doug Leggate) and Jeff • Jibuerci (Geoff Kieburtz) , Magenshidanli (the Douglas • of Morgan Stanley) Teleisen (bank of Douglas Terreson) and United States (of Bank Of America) collect.

Expert of invite applications for a job expresses, the partial matter that makes them extend training to leave is to invest a bank to need to cut cost considerably in order to answer financial crisis, in addition, internal to hoping to raise its to fund professional technical ability, with extending business the heavy goods market that developing flourishingly.

Of large quantities of research analysts leave one's post dash forward the challenge that showed wall street to study sectional place is faced with. Long-term since, because the client does not wish to pay a good deal of fee to analyse the job, the gain ability of these branches is affected all the time.

Banker expresses, during current crisis, research department is sufferred inflict heavy losses on, because be in the plan that cuts cost, wall street company targetted the end the business of lowest of its gain ability.

Gerson Group presiding apparitor pulls this • Ge Ersen (Russ Gerson) expresses: "Oil, natural gas and heavy goods domain appeared the trend of large-scale invite applications for a job; Analysts of a lot of numerous to was being dug from wall street to fund bargainor. " Gerson Group is the company of invite applications for a job that a service develops fund at be opposite.

Ge Ersen expresses, pair of strong fund choose that Gerson Group is a headquarters to be located in the United States at present analyst of source of one potential energy, in addition still striving for to be an Europe / choose of middle east company of analyst of source of one potential energy entrust.

A few pairs of strong fund express, activity of many invite applications for a job comes from the heavy goods with rapid growth to trade advisory fund.

Laigete expresses, in this phase of his profession career, representing to working to fund for " better chance " . After holding a post 7 years, he left Hua Qi, join in Quadrum Capital Management.

The reporter fails to contact Teleisen, Jibuerci and Morris buy is judged. Still not be clear that whether they had left job of one's own profession at present, whether will perhaps join in pair of strong fund.
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