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Before Taiwan resides an access to pass two years of depression are pounded, exhibit inn strategy to show strange move each this year. Some opens large store, plan to march even department store, also some turning that extend foothold in order to confuse your inn quickly.

This year in April, gao Lin commerce turns the access of Francfranc house home of investment, with unite those who exceed a banner to fall to be tasted without Yin Liang, PLAZA, and the stage grand hand that comes from Japan starts a house, each new store opens business, the market that occupy the home appears spunky.

The 2nd inn garrisons Francfranc gentle breeze square, PLAZA the 3rd inn criterion station of stay breeze Taipei, taste without Yin Liang criterion in far look forward to shopping centers drives a city of the 12nd door, these 3 brands all with in large store is strategy. And stage grand hand achieves a house to change strategy, open small-sized store in SO-GO general merchandise first, prospective general is occupied in Taiwan dilate city quickly with small-sized inn rate.

Come to the Japan of a development the earliest the hand starts a house, in Taiwan by stage grand industry and Japan east urgent HANDS technology cooperates, achieve a house to run Taiwan market with stage grand hand. From garrison the first gentle breeze inn begins the department store, at present Taipei 3 inn all are given priority to with making an appointment with the large store of 800 level ground, only store tastes a number to amount to 50 thousand kinds, have every months taste replace newly.

Stage grand hand starts a house small-sized inn cries strong

The career that opens large store on the high side of slow, cost, stage grand hand achieves a house to begin to ponder over strategy to change direction. The first is changed even if revive in SOGO general merchandise inn, open the small-sized store with an about 20 large level ground.

As we have learned, from April the middle ten days of a month kicks off up to now, SOGO revives the coronal that the outstanding achievement of inn is floor almost. Stage grand hand starts a house small-sized inn lock decides floor characteristic and main objective group, the commodity that in 50 thousand kinds of commodity winkle suits group, yield commodity more focusing. Future of this successful experience the foothold the south in duplicating.

Stage grand hand achieves a house to will garrison Taichun first Xin Guangsan is jumped over, roll out the medium-sized inn of 200 level ground. The first artillery piece of market of the Taiwan in be start shooting to be in, guide north sells first-rate 3, 000 kinds of commodity, include the goods of 5 big star such as health care of week of the insole, United States makeup, agent that enter bath, tine, massage health.

Taste without Yin Liang grab into shopping centers

In access of chain of Japanese house home, unified super- turn of investment taste expression without Yin Liang quite outstanding, march Taiwan opens a 12 domestic store 4 years, turn into hotel shopping center from the department store, aim at tourist and in high spending guest group. Taiwan tastes glad of article of general manager king to say without Yin Liang, at present Taipei has 7 store, the south in planning to be in this year opens two store, also will garrison department store or shopping centers.
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