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Sun Wenxiang of reporter of □ evening paper
In the process that publishs a Mount Everest in fire of Olympic Games emperor, I am thinking all the time, if ear of artist Zhu Jian 40 also can see such direct seeding before New Year more, " sing a folk song to listen to the party " melody, can be another about. My means, the business that this world allows us to touch probably a lot of, but resemble the Mount Everest on fire of Olympic Games emperor such shock occasion, do not touch for certain all one's life.

So, I agree with Mount Everest completely hand of the 3rd marvellous torch Nimaciren's viewpoint: No matter Tibetan athlete is on Beijing Olympic Games,behave how, mount Everest torch is delivered will become Tibetian brethren to give the gold of motherland people and gift.

To Ni Ma, I am not actually unfamiliar. In June 2001, with Tibet when Nimaciren the president standing of mountain-climbing school comes Shanghai to publicize " section of mountain-climbing of Sang Lamu of 2001 Tibet ginger " when, I ever also signed up entered that activity, and had had with President Ni Ma chat happily. Regrettablly, in me what will be born in June the day is born with is not a mountain-climbing embryo child, because did not pass cold-resistant test, I and 6325 meters tall ginger mulberry pull Mu to the peak brushs a shoulder and pass.

If not be the suddenly Lang Feng that crosses Europe on last summer, the She Shan of Shanghai perhaps will become me this is unripe had recorded top height above sea level. But in fact, on 99 meters She Shan, besides do not hear car tail gas, atmospheric pressure and the music this world that the quantity that contain oxygen won't live nowadays with me have what different.

In very long period of time, I think, the snow June, only Dou E just can be encountered. Until see white suddenly Lang Feng, I just discover eventually, issue no less than snow, do not have any relations with grievance, and depend on completely the situation that you are in and height above sea level. Although see heavy snow nowadays, I still am met clinking excitement. Because be in heavy snow, this world can become more equal. The simplest case, in the blizzard of an arise suddenly, no matter how business suit change walks on your boss or director, you how dressed in rage, but want to slip only, the helter-skelter look that takes in the sigh on snow ground is about the same actually.

Of course, xue Heshan's glamour is not confined to this absolutely. The Huang Chungui of student of Chinese agriculture college that no less than ascends a top yesterday place character, because of climbed hardship, can do not have completely between person and person diaphragmatic. On hill, a person that have never met before, can need in you when, hesitate none the hand that the ground reachs him, give on he includes medium water and food, and won't let you feel, oneself resemble a beggar.

Be in Europe when, my constant regular meeting is asked about, go in what season Tibet is best. But never the person asks me, the city of mark of culture of aid peaceful China that prepares to spend 30 billion yuan of RMBs to build, when to begin to begin construction. Because had gone up only,the talent of hill knows, natural hill and water, just be the most beautiful gift that God leaves us. And I think, this also is probably, ask Alpinist tall why to the Maluoli that treat · wants to climb when people when, he is pointing to Mount Everest to say " because hill is over there " cause.
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