Provide disaster relief! Provide disaster relief! Food company is acting
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Provide disaster relief! Provide disaster relief!

Food company is acting

On May 12, earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River astonishs the throughout the country, the big earthquake of this 8 class caused tremendous scar to disaster area people. Disaster has feeling without the lover, food company of the whole nation acts in succession, reached the hand of aid to disaster area.

Meng Niu:

Associated Bank of China releases the whole world

First pieces " milk love credit card "

A few days ago, bank of China and group of trade of unconscious ox milk were held jointly in Beijing " in credit card of silver-colored unconscious Niu Aixin " head hairdo, make by bilateral collaboration " in credit card of silver-colored unconscious Niu Aixin " face the public formally to issue. Consumer can be mixed through hold use this calorie to join what initiate by Meng Niu " everyday a jin of grandma, strong Chinese -- Chinese milk love acts " in come, and this piece blocks the first piece to also make the whole world " milk love credit card " . As we have learned, credit card of silver-colored unconscious Niu Aixin has general of Bank of China to connect all functions of credit card not only in, and still have special commonweal value, that is consumer every application one Zhang Zhongyin cheats Niu Aixin credit card, the Bank of China will be contributed give 1 yuan of money. After this holds every time blocking a person to brush calorie of consumption, the Bank of China still will be contributed give 0.01 yuan, the name that can block a person in order to hold uses all contribute money at buying love milk, donate " Chinese milk love acts " the elementary school sending a grandma that benefit reachs.

Meng Niu breeds Zhao Yuan of trade group vice president spends a lady to express, the hope is passed " Chinese milk love acts " help, the child that lets those impoverished areas in growing development the most crucial period obtains enough nutrition.

Health master:

Urgent allocate and transport water food

Health master accuses group of very new international a limited company, be in what plain of short of Wenshui River produces an earthquake the following day, urgent allocate and transport the 1000 box water that pack and convenient cover were donated Jiang Yan Red Cross. On May 14, presented value again 10 million yuan cash and water the goods and materials such as food regards disaster area relieve the people in disaster as urgent need. Health master respect expresses, reach disaster area as soon as possible to let food of relieve the people in disaster, the food goods and materials that packs the disaster area such as water, convenient cover, biscuit to need most partly, by moral character of group of very new international gram person snack interlinks a system, nearby supplies unit of relieve the people in disaster to use.

Yi Li:

"Mu Ying " care enters disaster area

Recently, the contingent of mother baby care that by Chinese the Women's Federation, Yang Lan the orgnaization such as group of interest of foundation, Yi initiates jointly visits Sichuan disaster area. Yi benefit respect expresses, this the action aims to deliver love, in all casting hope, health of safety of baby of mother of disaster area of care, attention, care is a mission, send safeguard for stricken be hit by a natural adversity area, send love, send a hope to be a purpose. The society such as diligent, Yang Lan, Deng Jie performs Jiang Qin art bound delegate also goes to disaster area forefront in all along with the team, support supply of material of baby of disaster area mother and psychological rehabilitate with all one's strength.
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