Machine animal produce is extend financing channel
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Qinghai saves company of whole set invite public bidding to suffer government of people of autonomous county of Henan the Monggol nationality to entrust, the county of means choice Henan that uses public action trade profound treatment builds organic animal produce project investor, to extend financing channel, accelerate this project construction, enrol business publicly to the society now.

, the project that enrol business brief

Organic stock raising produces Henan county base already passed Beijing in July 2007 in green an ancient name for China the base of center of organic food attestation, production, commerce 3 attestation, in all natural careless occasion accumulates attestation 9.32 million mus, entire county shares yak, sheep 790 thousand () , henan county becomes the whole nation to already passed attestation base area accordingly the biggest, participate in organic breed aquatics the organic stock raising with most, most livestock breeding of amount of livestock on hand produces herd door base. Later, henan county put forward to contend for to total bureau of former state environmental protection again achieve " organic food produces national level base " application, hopeful is obtained in the near future name, environment of zoology of the meadow inside base is favorable, grass is tall and close, nutrition is rich, belong to pure natural, free from contamination, without social effects of pollution, former zoology, it is the prairie with the best, most beautiful protection of Qinghai province zoology; Yak flesh, hotpot is the flesh more in tasting excellent, not only dainty sex is good, without smell of mutton, and high protein, high-energy quantity, low adipose, can enhance power of human body immunity, develop organic food and new and high biological product aptly, if can make full use of base attestation this one intangible assets, advance process of industrialization of organic stock raising quickly, draft with " company cooperation herd door " industrialization runs mode, have profound treatment to organic animal produce stage by stage, use the high additional cost of organic animal produce, synergism of implementation animal husbandry, herdsman is added close, the natural modes of life and relation to their environment that has protected area of 3 rivers source, make investor wins rich and generous get one's own back.

2, build a demand

In Henan town seat actor does Ning Zhen high level is built to produce a workshop according to HACCP inside base of treatment of organic stock raising, recommend organic treatment product line, refrigeratory, life serves environment of establishment of establishment, blowdown, plant area to transform etc. The limits that enrols business this is flesh of organic flocks and herds treatment of milk products of treatment, organic yak, feral food machines 3 big.

3, the requirement to investor

Investor must be independent legal person, have the business charter of qualification of classics yearly check, the government that has perfect administrative system and demand of contented project government, technology reachs financial professional, requirement investor registers capital 20 million yuan or above.
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