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Morning paper dispatch yesterday, after ending an easy one day to adjust, chinese women football had two practice one day by the plan as before. Undertake afternoon extend training to make team member very excited, everybody states such exercise let them strengthen group spirit.

Yesterday morning, chinese women football undertook according to the plan force practices, afternoon at 2 o'clock half, team member expects extend training to come as scheduled. "Feel a blind person " the exercise draws blast a laugh: Goggle team member cannot talk, of unconscious eye can talk but cannot see a way, teammate cooperates to want to go up each other step, had turned over bench, to later, a lot of person is by hold in the arms directly from table come down, everybody is happy into posse. "High table throws a back " also make team member very devoted, everybody breathes out continuously satisfy a craving. Be as long as the exercise of 3 hours went very quickly, team member people appear very glad. When accepting a reporter to interview, zhang Tong says, "Although my injury still has been done not have, but still entered this activity, experience with teammate these extend game together, added trustful to each other touch already, also let us feel everybody is the collective of a solidarity again, feel very happy very significant also. Feel very happy very significant also..
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