Na Hang Zhengzhou advocate the electorate allows empty elder sister 30 times out
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On April 16, "Unified Xian Chen is much congress of recruit of elder sister of 2008 China new sky " Zhengzhou advocate standard empty a general term for young women undertook 30 Na Hang that the electorate passes two TV promotion to surpass first promotion outdoors extend training film. Project arrangement is main the test that with be being mixed to the education of group spirit pair of oneself endurance, psychokinesis, ego surmounts is given priority to.

It is reported, outdoors extended expression and achievement will be in as them Zhengzhou advocate promotion of the 3rd TV surpasses the electorate " 30 into 20 " assessment content.

In the morning 9: 30 minutes, the standard empty a general term for young women with a suit recreational motion people the crane garden that will be located in Zhengzhou north outskirt extends Education Foundation, cent is 5 groups, every groups of 6 people. The leg of girls is bound together each other, not only should step each pace jointly, step finite circle together even in, will finish " the moon walks " , in order to check their joint efforts capability. In " headroom breaks the bridge " in, the girls that look gentle and quiet are shown gave their self-confident, brave one side, they should be in alone 12 meters tall narrow finish on young timber bridge among " break the bridge " partial spanning, among them a player because psychological insecurity, fear, stay in break the bridge to go up to dare be not finished span movement, want to abandon for a time! The sound of companions " cheer! Hearten! We support you! " " surmount... brave... " one encourage for her everywhere, her what hearten slowly, jump very quickly, finished the training of this project smoothly, all girls applause for her teammate glad! Reflected the spirit of their group spirit.

"Buttock " , " challenge No.1 " etc the project is nervous also and successful undertaking. 30 standard empty a general term for young women people " fusion group, transcend self " , actively joins each project, fulfil the coach's requirement seriously, cooperate each other with the companion, mutual assistance, passed all training that book a project. "Believe teammate, believe oneself... " sound one Cicide is moving each player...

"Happy obtain employment, sunshine invite applications for a job " , na Hang will promote through the 3rd TV contest allowed empty elder sister 30 times of two first promotion once upon a time in, reelection unplugs the person that give 20 outstanding enters the choose of airliner of high-quality goods of Olympic Games of countrywide total final, the angel that hopes these are beautiful people the wing that taking an earnest wish at this point sailing!

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