Sports travels, is carry on promoted ready?
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Travel to receive an Olympic Games year of tremendous progress opportunity that brings to tourism, the Olympic Games that publicizes Zhejiang province travels, a few days ago, by Zhejiang province tourism bureau, sports bureau sponsors jointly " 2008 China Olympic Games travels year of Zhejiang province ceremony that start " hold in Hangzhou, plan to roll out circuitry of travel of high-quality goods of 20 Olympic Gameses.

As the drawing near of the Olympic Games, mountain-climbing travel, bicycle travel, drive oneself the new style that the sports travel activity such as travel, expeditionary travel, seaborne, Pan Yan becomes young visitor gradually. So, face an Olympic Games year the tremendous progress opportunity that brings to tourism, does carry on promote sports is travel ready?

The personage inside course of study: Sports travel dot is not much

When asking about carry on to promote the tourist attraction that what can organize sports travel activity, one face says a manager of travel agent absently, still do not know carry on promotes the tourist attraction that what gives priority to a problem with sports, fitness really.

In branch of mart of city tourism bureau, the reporter understands in Zhu Jishang Jiang Yan is outdoors extend base and Sheng city Shan Xi to drift the scene area such as travel area has similar sports travel project.

Shang Jiangyan is outdoors extend base to be located within area of Shang Jiangyan scene, area of this Hua Dong is current dimensions the biggest, establishment is the wholest outdoors extend groom base, have the project on 20 many headroom, ground and water, be known as " Huadongdi extends battalion of assemble for training " . New last year mount a horse two projects, one is strop, another is the home's top-ranking field that climb rock. It is before the reality with sports travel more and more prosperous activity, beauty spot of soup river cliff is devoting oneself to to make " outdoors heaven " recreational travel area.

Area of travel of float of brook of Sheng city Shan last year the tourist of annual near 100 thousand person, but it still basically is recieved at present drive oneself swim tourist. Scene division management is in chief to express, the inadequacy that scene area managed a layer to also realize oneself and sports are recreational the development foreground with tremendous travel, be in at present capital attraction, the plan throws 2 million yuan of above, new development climbs cliff field to wait outdoors extend a project.

Folk " the ass is friendly " : Outdoors activity ground is not little

Supposition on senior " the ass is friendly " severe gentleman says, "The ass is friendly " people love to seek the beautiful landscape that is in savagery, the beauty spot that already developed is not quite right " the ass is friendly " appetite. He pointed out to the reporter carry on promotes churchyard to suit the place of outdoors sports fan not less.
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