Advertisement also needs humanitarian care
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Compare a lot of people to change a table to ad time, I broadcast ad to be being inserted in teleplay and do not have allergy, because I am an income of rely on advertisement,this is not just the media person that solves grain ration problem, return because of photograph comparing advertisement character, some teleplay make a person more horrible. Be based on this reason, period of time opens a TV set I see match of news, sports and ad only. In addition, the best-know common sense inside course of study is, it is unit computation with time length, advertising makes this far outclass teleplay, and the high cost that make means originality, text on certain level, act sow the high quality that waits for a respect.

Defended eastward recently however inspected a broadcasted advertisement to overturn however my common sense -- inside the time that is as long as 1 minute, the picture that by emblem of Beijing Olympic Games and Heng Yuanxiang brand forms all the time fall asleep, drab child's voice from " Heng Yuanxiang, sponsor of Beijing Olympic Games, rat rat rat " , " Heng Yuanxiang, sponsor of Beijing Olympic Games, niu Niu is arrogant... " read aloud all the time " Heng Yuanxiang, sponsor of Beijing Olympic Games, pig pig pig " , wait for 12 any of the twelve animalses to cry one by one, advertisement also ended. The evening before last I have Xing Er to hear witnessed this one " the soddenest 2008 advertisement " (netizen recommend by the public) , the TV appearance that the feeling at that time is my home is blocked by the pilfer edition dish of a piece of manufacture in a rough way.

So concentrated noise bomb makes a person cross ear not to forget really, it seems that confirm the judgement that department of Heng Yuanxiang ad concerned a personage a few days ago: "Repeat even if remember to strengthen " , "Everybody remembered Heng Yuanxiang was 2008 the sponsor of Beijing Olympic Games. "Everybody remembered Heng Yuanxiang was 2008 the sponsor of Beijing Olympic Games..

12 any of the twelve animalses of Heng Yuanxiang advertisement is apparently cerebral platinum " successful experience " carried forward, it is them only too the intelligence quotient that underestimated consumer, impressive thing may not is good, noise repeats 1000 times also won't become wonderful music.

The advertisement trader that cannot say us lacks originality, can say them only " have ability too " . The Valentine's Day that day, on Nanjing town some square erect remove gigantic an outdoors advertisement your road National People's Congress feels " Jing is colourful " -- have only on auroral motherboard " want to admire encounter " 4 big character refer a telephone call with. "Colourful encounter " why meaning? No matter how explain, when fixing eyes on a ceremony all right to this advertisement when the pedestrian, "Do not think toward that respect " it seems that not quite actual. Children may understand not quite, but they can ask -- have below billboard 10 years old of right-and-left girls ask: "Colourful what meaning is encountering? " the result did her mom a bright red face. This advertising promulgator is with " colourful encounter " the estate business of 2 words incongruous, allegedly effects very beautiful -- stem from well-known ambiguous psychology, the person that call to seek advice to this company is numerous.
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