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The firecracker sound of New Year as one falls, river side is writtening guarantee thin thin glacial layer, dalian tiger beach is flaring before door of house of polar and marine animal aureate " a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China " glacial carve... the Spring Festival grows holiday hind the first day, assemble in Dalian to attend " receive arctic the first dawn " -- 30 players that Chinese undergraduate arctic inspects semifinals pass easily not at all. Tonight, arctic emissary semifinal will publish report, 10 players will suffer fall into disuse. Who can laugh finally? Let our wait and see what happens.
Gu island seeks to live on the player is ad cool-headed answer
On the sea with wind tall urgent wave, have 3 Gu island, it is blind island, dumb person island, free island respectively, the person on every island finishs specific task ability only " live " ... a breathed match is performed sadly so. 3 players of Suzhou competion area are in by cent " free island " on -- the important part that the free person that can say to be able to look to still can ambulate became full-court. "Of main test is plan, organization, harmonious ability, more important is, cannot be manacled by the old set pattern in brain, should learn to communicate He Ling to listen " , match of 40 minutes comes down, lian Huishan feels gains is not minor, the speech when summing up Chen Ci more had been weighed again and again by training division. Island of kilometre long-distance running, Gu seeks to live on although what proportion holds in semifinals,extend training not tall, but players a bit not dare careless. "Long-distance running estimation is in 90 minutes, " while Zhong Nan makes component to oneself, a little ashamed still: A Spring Festival is bedraggled many, in the school oneself run every day previously success is more than be close friends now. And the platoon has more in the Lian Huishan of the 4th alone door secret Ji: Listen on the belt, the rhythm that follows music runs, can adjust breath. Xu Zhiwei, not poor also, the platoon is in schoolboy group the 6th.
Player " beautiful " the task has unexpected tricky move each
Make up oneself sing oneself " polar bear " song, want to stew one boiler arctic potherb a thick soup, cover with the commissioner with spanish, Han Yu close to... " beautiful " task link, players exert of it may be said all over skill. Zhong Nan of player of Suzhou competion area is medium of institute of science of family great life big 4 students, right polar microbial special gene undertakes filtration is she goes this arctic task. Polar all the year round microtherm environment brought up be addicted to of a lot of special gene library such as biology of cold, comfortable Leng Wei, and adopt technique of a few biology, genotype of biologic of type of similarly hereinafter of environment of comparative normal temperature, locate special microbial gene thereby (be addicted to is cold, comfortable cold gene) , application arrives improved and polar environment, accelerate polar contaminant to decompose wait for a respect. Also gave height the opinion to commissioner of this selection of subject: At present a lot of experts are doing the research of this respect, conditional word can be done a bit more greatly. Lian Huishan was taken out " the technology that polar CO2 decreases platoon and Chinese CDM enterprise is broken through " environmental protection " vogue " task.
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