Initiate Shanghai of mountain-climbing new phase to mountaineer athletic associa
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Today, congress of the first member and association of Shanghai mountain-climbing motion establish association of Shanghai mountain-climbing motion congress is held in Shanghai gymnasium.

According to statistic, shanghai is existing and outdoors athletic club, extend field of Education Foundation, Pan Yan, outdoors motion to seek advice, the enterprise orgnaization such as travel more than 100, regular the lover that joins outdoors campaign is close 50 thousand person, annual outdoors travel lover is initiative form a delegation go out the crowd that pursues the outdoors campaign such as mountain-climbing, Pan Yan shows ascendant scale to grow substantially.

This second congress produced association board member and society through the formal election that vote member of the first leader, discuss passed " regulations of association of Shanghai mountain-climbing motion " .

Shanghai mountaineers association is approval of bureau of classics Shanghai sports, approve of management board of group of society of bureau of Shanghai civil administration, Shanghai registers, in mountain-climbing the commonalty with only course of the city inside outdoors exercise limits is organized. The scope of business of this association is to popularize mountain-climbing, Pan Yan, uprise, extend reach relevant and outdoors motion, the business communication that the organization holds establishment of relevant motion training, match, appliance and technology seek advice, training; Comprehensive and responsible Shanghai mountaineers the program of outdoors motion is organized, drive development and science to hang nylon. Association
Set ministry of the office, activity communication, technology to groom the standing body such as ministry, teenage ministry.

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