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They are the business circles elite of disparate industry, they or classmate -- , last weekend afternoon, classmate of class of president of business school of college of many 100 overseas Chinese happilies gather under the same roof, the party of classmate of first president class that celebrates them in all holds water. These " special " average age does not cross the classmate 40 years old, but a lot of people already were assets number ten million, some still is the industry employer of on social status 100 million, because the newspaper was read same business school president grinds long class, from now on between them much a classmate concerns.

In recent years, the study consciousness of boss of civilian look forward to enhances fontal city ceaselessly, more and more people for him promotion, in succession course of all sorts of entrepreneur that the college such as Tsinghua of attend in a advanced studies, Beijing University, Xiamen University holds, handler or EMBA president class. On classroom, they harvested knowledge not only, aggregate also high-end person arteries and veins concerns.

Attend in a advanced studies aids arteries and veins of person of boss wide ties

Grind in the president on long class, business elite people can share the newest research achievement that comes from professor of expert of top-ranking business school of the world and country and experience. Everybody gathers, occasionally casual one language can a certain person does unlock the bewilderment that encounters in company course, occasionally each other still can discuss the cooperative matters concerned of a few products, still perhaps can consider between a few people joint-stock establish a new company, "Gnaw " new project. Consider at present opportunity not quite mature still, but the friendly feelings that still has a fellow student at least is in, have an opportunity always in the future.

Classmate of class of a president says to the reporter, what like most is the interactive type study on classroom, student can be discussed jointly with the expert, the difficult problem that in solving business management, encounters. Content of course of some business schools is very rich, actual combat case still is arranged outside giving lessons normally forum of analytic, seminar, fortune, extend training, name look forward to makes an on-the-spot investigation and communication interacts between student, these allow student people results is not little. This is everybody mutual study, mutual communicate, of promotional friendship absolutely the main chance.

Actually, manage the Chinese company in economic globalization process personally, want the period that coexists in this good luck and challenge, with actual strength the rich company that cross a state competes, remain invincible, its industry leader must have the view of the eye of lead, internationalization, run in order to promote the strategic program of the enterprise, organization harmonious, internationalization wait for ability of modern business management. So, one kind when ego of continuous study, promotion becomes business circles elite to choose lives means.
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