The comprehensive Ao Fan that start surpasses major of sports meet volunteer to
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Extend training to will come on May 31 on June 1, qingdao Ao Fan appoint volunteer department and combination of each business section, groom integratedly to what volunteer of 524 sports meets undertakes two batch. Example mark wears Bencipei Ao Fan surpasses major of sports meet volunteer to groom the job is started in the round.

The volunteer that grooms this basically comes from organization of Wu of service of audience service, content shedding, traffic, ticket, contest, Olympic Games to divide a village 6 respects. Besides the volunteer key member that has played test game twice, still have each function department the volunteer of new 2008 recruit.

The car driver volunteer that undertakes in 31 days is formal groom on, all drivers are orderly rank, will jockey before square, demonstrated switch door by expert spot, greet the formal common sense that sends the link such as guest fluctuation car to should notice.

As we have learned, begin from April, qingdao Ao Fan appoint organized sports meet volunteer to attend military training early or late, extend training to reach general groom. Up to now, groom in average per capita of green sports meet volunteer accumulative total amounts to 24 class hour.

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