Extend training aggrandizement of member youth start work ability and psychologi
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On May 4, for souvenir " 54 " move 89 years, promote further " patriotic, progress, democratic, science " 54 spirit, also press down the cohesive affinity of round organization to enhance me at the same time, announce bridge town is round appoint before organizing round cadre of more than 20 basic level, go to oasis of green riverside east extended training center to play content the extending with rich, distinctive originality grooms.
In the training of 3 many hours, round cadre falls in the coach's guidance, participated in broken ice to set sail, bare-handed rescue, lie between cloth to guess person, Aifeier iron tower, pass through electrified wire netting a series of extending project these projects also test the ability of meet an emergency of round cadres, organization capacity, collaboration ability and fitness. The everybody in whole activity built good group atmosphere, round cadres are promotional also mutual the communication between and understanding, increased each other credit, enhanced group cohesive affinity and synergic consciousness; At the same time also everybody also feels, also achieved challenge ego through grooming, weigh careful ego, train active state of mind, dug the effect of the latent capacity of oneself further. Upload a branch: Round area is collected south appoint

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