Volunteer of competion area of Shenyang of Olympic Games football decides the ph
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Dispatch (reporter Wang Xiaoting) on April 1, the reporter understands from relevant section, Beijing Olympic GamesFootballThe 1000 volunteers choice of persons of sports meet of match Shenyang competion area is preliminary already and certain. Relevant section already began to undertake to its the photograph is collected.

As we have learned, the number of volunteer of sports meet of competion area of Shenyang of game of football of Beijing Olympic Games is preliminary and certain for 1000 people, its will distributing in register sanitation of service, audience service, medical treatment, content shedding to wait for 20 works station to go up. Current, the volunteer's choice of persons is preliminary already and certain begin to undertake the photograph is collected. Back-to-back, relevant section reports the basic material these person selected Beijing relevant section to undertake examine and verify, make card.

Since this month, will begin to begin professional, place, post to wait to volunteer of affirmatory all sports meet groom the job, groom the training means that will use volunteer English to serve battalion, formal training camp, quality to expand training camp and lash-up job train battalion.

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