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Building adornment is the industry that has Chinese distinguishing feature, it is the contrary industry that comes out by the depart in bldg. , the new industry that combines design, interior design, environment design together. Be in China is the design domain with a growing first-rate sex, live to beautification city, beautification, raise society of harmony of people life character, creation to have the effect that cannot replace.

Chinese home is annual housing construction area had achieved 1.67 billion square metre 2005, complete area exceeds 500 million square metre, year construction area exceeded 1.5 billion square metre. Production value exceeded 1 trillion yuan of RMBs 2005, design production value to be 30 billion yuan of RMBs about more than among them. According to industry of Chinese building adornment 915 development plan of compendium forecast, chinese building decorated industry project production value to will achieve 2.1 trillion yuan 2011, design production value will achieve 70 billion yuan of RMBs. Chinese building decorates a design to want to get used to the general trend that social country develops, the ability in the corporeal culture demand that expands in ceaseless contented society obtains the space that can develop continuously.

Current, the resource in wanting to solve a building correct and scientificly to decorate an industry to design mainly problem of harmony of managing, environmental protection, society. I build the development road that decorates industry design to promote a few view with respect to China below.

The first, building adornment to design is the important composition link that builds project activity. The development that decorates a design should accord with the target that the industry grows, the development target of industry of Chinese building adornment is by labor concentrated model the industry gets lost technology, culture, art concentrated model industry. Building of this one translate into decorated an industry to provide powerful development motive force and vast development space. Want to produce the dominant effect of a design, the conformity that drives new technology, new technology in order to design, compositive, development and perfect. Current, it is bibcock in order to design, turn treatment through the project, construction site spells craft of outfit type, construction to had been had, this is the main line that the industry expands, also be the right course that raises industry integration level, the dominant action of the core place that designs in course of this one development and perforative project will drive China to build the ceaseless development that decorates a design. According to China the building decorates association to promote the tentative idea that industry industry upgrades, change treatment to be able to solve the pollution that construction site causes through industrial factory, shorten time limit for a project, increase project rate of progress planned speed, add the content of science and technology of the project, can form resource make full use of, also laid a foundation to build circular economic system. But should realize personalized condition to fall truly, material of main lumber, stone, tectonic factory changes treatment to must assure the deepness of the design and precision, make the building decorates a project to design a data to be able to satisfy the technical requirement that the factory machines. Accordingly, raise a building to decorate the deepness that the project designs and precision, the craft that processes project of translate into of graph of building adornment construction pursues, drive manufacturing processing technique in order to design to be research and development, become those who drive a factory to change construction of type of treatment spot equipment the most crucial technology segment.
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