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Every time she is attendant when breakdown, through solving a problem smoothly with the cooperation of division of labor of attendant.

After the system runs period of time, she discovers attendant lacks the environment of the exercise, so the operation always is very not skilled. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, vermilion new comrade installed an imitate to turn syndicate interconnected system, all file configuration is united with on-line department send, attendant can use this to cover a system to undertake handling a practice at will, this system also can serve as the platform that groom and takes an exam. This experience is turning after newspaper user communicates with the person of the same trade of other management board on the meeting, got reputably.

2005, below the requirement that provides bureau address and Xinjiang sky to provide bureau address in sky of bureau of Chinese civil aviation, vermilion new comrade begins to write " DMHS series turns syndicate interconnected system moves safeguard regulations " . She consults relevant data, combine the job actual, finished those who safeguard regulations to write the work on schedule, be in what total bureau sky runs bureau organization to safeguard regulations examine and verify to be able to be passed last time.

Nearly two years, the vermilion new organization, installation that assisted switching equipment of Xinjiang area ATM debugs the job; The engineer that cooperates China number company and company of day boat letter finished switching equipment of Xinjiang area ATM twice upgrade; Organization, participated in MARATHON answer with implement the test that receives ATM net works; Completed automatic and relevant monitoring system (ADS) the item that Urumqi workstation accepts ATM web. Wrote company of network of communication of Xinjiang civil aviaton to run part of ministry of communication of safeguard manual data; Responsible arrange and perfect safety of data communication ministry evaluates material to wait.

"Without perfect individual, but can have perfect group. " although this just extends a catchword when training, but the maxim that she regards herself as it. In usual job, vermilion new attention produces the characteristic of the everybody in collective and specialty, let everybody have attributive feeling and job contented feeling, rise in order to achieve jointly. Below everybody's effort, computer room of data communication ministry has made a window of company of network of communication of Xinjiang civil aviaton, no matter be what examination, their turn newspaper computer room is the ground that comes surely. In the countrywide sky this year tubal equipment safeguards maintenance in big examination, inspection team is led and the computer room environment that runs a department to company data ministry, equipment safeguards the expert, of business quality and attendant ad cool-headed answer relatively satisfactory.

"Yu Qin of essence of course of study, barren at play; A deed is accomplished through taking thought, destroy at following. " although did a lot of works, but no matter be returned on the thought,vermilion new comrade knows him is oneself must be perfected ceaselessly on the job. She now have been Party member of provision of a the Communist Party of China, she will ask strictly with the standard of a communist oneself, want to continue to become the key member on professional technology not only, make the model of progress of a thought, be practical and realistic even.
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