Make new employee rapid blend in an enterprise
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Through extending training, canMake new employee rapid blend in an enterprise

The business is good it is not easy between fastigium of invite applications for a job patience behead 6 will, action took a few workers, be in however the worker is queasy period shed more worker. Then, many enterprises begin attention from " invite applications for a job " change direction " keep a person " .

The enterprise should keep a person, especially most medium and small businesses, think of above all, it is the enterprise that proposes a toast attract the worker oneself from an enterprise with higher salary necessarily. Firewood proposes a toast to employee of most a gleam of, it is one of the mainest factors that decide whether they stay in an enterprise really. However firewood proposes a toast rising do not have upper limit, whether can competitor of insecurity of all day long spend higher price dig his worker with its, be inferior to proposing a toast in normal firewood conditional safeguard falls, pay close attention to new worker group more on welfare, system, let adversary dig also dig do not go.

Dew friend took a series of step, organize regular meeting by squad group leader, guide to worker announce of the enterprise a few accept the order, manufacturing situation, let a worker have hope to the enterprise; Still having most of flow of the beginning of the year is new worker, they because skill is not ripe, do not take the piece rate that has safeguard, also established for this groom period the salary that keep a copy; In the meantime, in this month of the beginning of the year, let employee freely eat, it is difficult to because the life appears,avoid them and the circumstance of occurrence flow.

Boatrace dress discovers doing quality to extend to employee also is the tweak that keeps a person. "What quality extends is short-term groom the effect is apparent, after the beginning of the year is hired, we give priority to a problem with the group, do quality to extend groom. Basically be to be aimed at new worker, strengthen their group consciousness, help them blend in new environment. " Chen Zheng is like is to say.

Because the number is numerous, boatrace extends eagle this company major to groom division entered plant area please, undertake grooming to nearly 200 workers. As we have learned, before grooming, employee by random in group, and by a definite date a day all grooming the group collaboration talent that the project needs a group is finished.

Recollect those who remove two weeks to groom activity, the last ten-day of a month just will enter the new employee small Liu of the factory to feel very unforgettable in Feburary, "Activity when everybody is helped each other, be familiar with at a draught rose. " this undemonstrative girl enters swimming race via fellow-townsman introduction, communicate with everybody rarely before, "Now won't, there is a lot of not to understand in the job ask authority. The atmosphere of this factory is very good, organic meeting I still can introduce other fellow-townsman to come over. "  
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