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Group of China morning automobile controls a limited company is young, the Chinese car in growing creates a company, total assets is close 30 billion yuan of RMBs, employee sum total amounts to 34 thousand person. Since birth day, china morning car with " make a nation own brand high-quality goods " to already held the post of, the car resource with integrated the most outstanding whole world, walked out of " high starting point innovates independently " brand-new the road of development.

China morning car early or late bold the technique of top class batholith that recommends company of the technology of German FEV engine, triumph when protecting, wait for international actively with BMW, Feng Tian at the same time famous supplier undertakes top-ranking car company, international joint-stock collaboration, in craft design, production is made, quality detects etc the respect is all-around the as bannerest as international standard conforms, be ethical car span type development laid solid foundation. Especially since 2006, cross of harships of classics of all previous of China morning car, gradually the blueness at the beginning of exuviate goes developing is acerbity, already shined brilliantly on the arena of own brand, cut a figure on world car market, all these also should be attributed to what compose of system of culture of Hua Chen company builds to mature with each passing day.

Of system of construction of culture of China morning company form, development, promotion and innovation are the reform with Hua Chen closely related development. Especially in recent years, hua Chen devotes oneself to to accede and carry on a group to be managed in old and safe management, production all the time in the mental wealth that accumulates ceaselessly, coagulate in the summary in practice refine, blend in company culture construction to the whole process of job of politics of business management, thought and cultural and ideological progress, make and carry out company culture to build the strategy, with the person this management is core, it is a tenet in order to serve development, it is motivation in order to learn innovation, formed stage by stage have period flavor, health up, the company culture that has distinguishing feature alone.

One, the leader takes compose seriously to build system of characteristic company culture

Company culture construction is a long-term project, the leader wants sufficient play to initiate action, example action, urge action, innovation action, the summary that should pay attention to pair of group company culture already is modelled, conduct propaganda is advocated, also want example to set an example, reflect the viewpoint of value of the enterprise in each specific work, innovate ceaselessly. This have in the beginning of China morning group holds water reflect, especially since 2006, below the overall objective that in Hua Chen the industry grows, height of group leading group values the value that company culture develops to the group, regard company culture construction as group company " a party to an undertaking " project, held water to be a group leader with group leader, party committee is working ministry, labour union, round appoint, the company culture construction that the branch such as program development department, total agency, financial department, manpower resource ministry comprises heads a group, made clear the duty of departmental door, advance the company culture construction of the group jointly.
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