7 detachment had made total group of armed police Beijing two meetings safety wo
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Two meetings hold eve, total fleet of armed police Beijing 7 detachment feel with political sense of responsibility of height and mission, science plans as a whole, serious preparation, elaborate equipment is diligent, ensure two meetings are held smoothly and safe guard works no risk at all.

After the Spring Festival passes, this detachment begins to begin to prepare two can safe guard to work. They are used be on duty automation supervisory system organizes leader, car to carry to terrain of area of target of two meetings guard, duty, the circumstance such as communication safeguard undertakes an analysis one by one, ensure personnel and technology enter kilter entirely. They still go up in the foundation of groovy training, have two meetings common sense, ceremony is formal wait for a variety of quality extend training, raise civilization of officers and soldiers to be on duty ability. This detachment detachment grows Liu Bingzhong to say: "Our since represents the person that commissarial safety is guarded, it is the person that the smile is delivered, the feeling in wanting to let represent the commissarial smile from officers and soldiers gets kind. " ★

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