Play zero of hot spring of bubble of snow mountain Vs to play satisfy a craving
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The chill that does not encounter a few years has been in much day of Chengdu city indulge in wilful persecution, whether has rare low temperature let you crouch rise is preparation in the home " hibernant " ? In eve of so precious the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, you but cannot let this cold weather suffer a defeat! As Chengdu person, the nature that we love to play all along never retreat passes, this absolutely also not exceptional! Come, visit the good place that we collect for you, no matter be snow mountain or hot spring, always have an appetite to you. This weekend, let us set out together, precipitant, say NO to cold Leng Dasheng!

Zero glamour: Partial snow mountain goes

Snow mountain goes on the horse, "Combat poison with poison " play delighted!

Respecting snow mountain, hill of high mountain eyebrow and Xi Lingxue hill are our familiar to the ear absolutely can the old friend of detailed. Festival of annual austral ice and snow, ski section, section playing snow is our indispensable in the winter beguiling Le Zi. Nevertheless, though be old place, in such particularly cold days, also have the new idea that comparative!

▲ Xiling snow mountain is wonderful play ceaseless, snow land is wild also

[plan playing snow] snow ground is flying umbrella of trochlear, drawing, hot balloon, Malaxue motor of ground of pry, snow... besides traditions of these ice and snow outside the project, this year, chengdu citizen still can admire snow at the same time on snow mountain, admire the lamp at the same time, mountain snow mountain and Chengdu lamp do collaboration on the west this year, move Chengdu lantern show Xiling snow mountain first, include " cartoon castle " " 12 constellation " " go straight towards a deer " " the Christmas Eve " wait for a child very the cartoon set that love moved snow mountain. In addition, the tourist is OK by day carve of snow of the ski, carve that admire ice group, can admire snow ground lamp to exhibit in the evening, taste bar of ground of snow of snow mountain cate, bubble.

[give bursa of travel bright and beautiful] diurnal air temperature is in Xi Lingxue hill 0 ℃ left and right sides, look all is the iceberg surrounds, and here is unluckily " the ski field with the warmest whole world " . The ski field requirement of the hill after Xi Lingxue hill is pretty good, suit most abecedarian and play snow confusing! Although be apart from the Spring Festival to still have a week time, the hotel Spring Festival inside area of scene of Xi Lingxue hill orders room rate to already was amounted to 70% . Scene area staff member introduction, tourist of area of Spring Festival scene will soar this year, mountain snow mountain has 4 hotel on the west, the tourist recieves a center to be able to provide tent room, the tourist of snow mountain of mountain of the westerly before planning during proposal Spring Festival books a room to the hotel ahead of schedule.

[row] head for Xiling snow mountain from Chengdu, can be in new south door station, Jin Sha station takes car of special railway line to arrive directly, distance makes an appointment with 3 hours left and right sides; Also can arrive by the car from Chengdu big city, before transferring again, go to. To ensure the tourist is safe, prevent to go up hill car skids, scene area everyday the glacial pulverize that early morning can send the form on road of the handlebar that press snow first, 6 bulldozer inside scene area also dispatch entirely push snow, still organized about a hundred staff member to be in at the same time on the way sand, the tourist friend that drives oneself so also can drive surely on hill.
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