Renown division coachs in take an examination of Chinese to review: New problem
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Chang Hong of school of Na Kaixiang world

(Receive Zhou Si)

Solution inscribes train of thought:

Read a requirement to be able to reach the following information:

1, use " dissolve tumour virus " the core that removing tumor is answering question.

2, " 3 phase that generalize this process " did to us hinted at 3 o'clock: The first, this is to be compressed together language paragraph examination questions; The 2nd, of this problem check is wraparound model compress language paragraph; The 3rd, "3 phase " remind examinee to answer from " manage clear signal paragraph in-house administrative levels " read habitual proceed with. And whether from language paragraph in the sieve singles out dynamic keyword, it is to be able to manage clear signal paragraph the key of internal composition administrative levels.

3, " process " requirement in a limited time appear how hind how, achieve the result that removes tumor finally.

This kind of title can apply the means that collects a keyword to generalize a point.

Answer give typical examples:

The first phase: Inject " dissolve tumour virus " make tumor deliquescent.

The 2nd phase: Heat tumor place generation heats up shock albumen.

The 3rd phase: Hot shock albumen trains immune system to eliminate tumor incomplete department.

Exemple 4, read below a allegory, draw up the implied meaning.

Zhuang Zhoumeng sees he becomes butterfly, feel footloose, then he repairs refine actively, changed butterfly eventually. Butterfly rushs about for food every day, guard against even natural enemy. Butterfly very the day that the yearning once was Zhuang Zhou.

Solution inscribes train of thought:

According to allegorical meaning, we are OK and wraparound come out masterstroke of a train of thought, become namely the village hopes to become butterfly when Zhou Shizhuang week, when Zhuang Zhou it is the day that the yearning when butterfly is Zhuang Zhou. From this we combine real life to be able to reach such conclusion: What did not get is total than already some is good, had yearn for again lose.

This kind of title asks to want to understand a narration above all, want to the understanding of article meaning comprehensive, such article paragraph do not grow commonly, notice each word is useful; Next, the implied meaning asks the fundamental the first line of a couplet on a scroll of reasonable Jie Wenyi fastens the life, conclusion should have directiveness to real life, cannot select a sentence from inside article.

Extend training:

1. The watch below the basis writes a short message, report this city 2007 " 51 " the travel circumstance of the golden week.

2. Extraction leaves main message of a paragraph of word.

According to the report, in the holding ancient books of vast of our country national library, only 16 thousand " Dunhuang posthumous papers " have repair of 5000 more than Mi Changjuan need, and " the country pursues " the professional that pursues ancient books rehabilitate does not pass 10 people; The ancient books document that each district library, museum collects adds up to 30 million, damage damage case is quite severe also, urgently rescue sex rehabilitate, but talent of ancient books rehabilitate still is not worth 100 people in all. Go completing the repair project of such huge with so little number, although day and night job also needs close chiliad.
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